Froebel Conference Presentation in San Francisco, Aug. 4-5, 2012

froebel gift play
I will be a Presenter at the 2012 Froebel USA Conference, giving a Keynote (multimedia) presentation on The Geometry of Interconnectedness and Inclusion; here is a link to register. My presentation will be a 1-hour audiovisual talk among other presentations that weekend (schedule TBA) held at the South San Francisco Conference Center, SF, Calif. (map). I’m very much looking forward to this event (thanks to Scott Bultman for the invitation!) and will include some new imagery and insights not given publicly before in prior presentations.
Synchronistically, I was just talking with some neighbors yesterday about the Great Pyramid (at Giza, Egypt) and it reminded me of a speech I gave in a Rhetoric class at UC Davis (Calif.) where I referred to the Transamerica Pyramid, shown in the center of the skyline in the photo above. This latter pyramid is taller, but is dwarfed by the acreage and bulk of it’s Egyptian inspiration.