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Sri Yantra Illustration

Unexpected holiday gift: Sri Yantra art returns

The other day, I got a cardboard tube in the mail from long-time friend, fellow geometer, networker and entrepreneur, Asha Deliverance, of Pacific Domes. Asha has been a primary – and generous – host of a geometer’s study group in Ashland, Oregon that a handful of us started around 2007 which we whimsically call the “Hedronists.” When I opened the tube, I found a lovely 18″ diameter flexible magnetic Sri Yantra image, the circular center portion of the image above, which I was commissioned by Pacific Domes to make in Adobe Illustrator some years ago for ‘floor art’ for their new manufacturing facility. This classic mandala with it’s precise construction, in addition to considerable historical mystical lore, encodes a golden ratio triangle (1:Phi:Square Root of Phi triangle) within the mesmerizing inter-meshed triangles. There’s also even a massive 13 mile long ‘desert formation’ of this Sri Yantra shape that purportedly appeared in 1990 in eastern Oregon in a dry lake bed.

The other ‘back-story’ of now DOUBLE synchronicity, is that when I first replicated this design for the illustration on page 195 in Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook around 1997, I just happened to be listening to a favorite program, New Dimensions Radio, with hosts Michael & Justine Toms, one evening while replicating the construction using ClarisCAD on the (now-ancient) Mac I had at the time. Michael’s guest, whose name I’ve long forgotten, mentioned that all authentic replicas have a small gap between the inner and outer regions of the design to allow spirit symbolically to enter the design, so I made sure there is a very tiny gap on my version of it that appears on page 195 of Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook.

So while typing this bulletin this afternoon, I ‘just happened’ to be listening to a favorite metaphysical mentor, Kenneth Wapnick, who just left this world a couple days ago, and heard – no kidding! – “Leave an empty space,” (a suggestion to allow for spiritual guidance in our minds) within section 14.08 of his recorded lecture  (in the Q&A section) of “Ideas Leave Not Their Source”. Too wild! 🙂

Thanks, Asha, for a thoughtful gift that triggers all sort of interesting interconnections! 🙂

Solar System Geometries per Martineau - 2014 calendar

Astronomical Geometry Calendars for 2014

The images above are colorized versions of 12 of the exquisite images in John Martineau’s “Little Book of Coincidence”, depicting the exquisite planetary mathematics exhibited in the orbital relationships of our solar system’s planets from Mercury to Neptune. Martineau’s astonishingly accurate 3-D models of our solar system inspired the calendar above, freshly updated for 2014… Here’s where you can learn more and order a copy of this astronomically astounding calendar, with the price reduced from last year as well.

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DNA molecule helix 34 x 21 Angstroms

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