Infinite Recursive Zoom In of Nested Platonic Solids

Infinite Nested Platonic Solid Recursion

This continuous loop rotates around a nest of the five Platonic Solids: Cube (red), Tetrahedron (yellow), Octahedron (green), Icosahedron (blue) and Dodecahedron (purple), returning to a cube oriented along the same x-y-z axes one third the size in each dimension as the outer cube. The transparency of the inner cube changes from 100% opaque to 100% transparent as the animation proceeds, which allows playing as an infinte recursive loop. Each “new cube” (as one loop of the animation completes) has 1/27th the volume of the original, since the side length is 1/3 of the starting cube.

This is a higher resolution version of the clip originally uploaded to YouTube on March 31,2007.

Nested Platonic Solid Recursive Loop Video - screen snap