Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do you accept credit card orders?
A: Not directly. However, if you want to use a credit card, you can order the book through the printer directly (the easiest, least expensive and most environmentally savvy approach, or through these fine online booksellers, such as: Source Books, Nature’s Tapestry or Amazon Marketplace. Paypal is another alternative.

Q: Is SGDS available in bookstores?
A: Only a few at present, many thanks to these bookstores! However, we are NOW (effective 1 October 2004) able to offer typical discounts (40%) to bookstores and distributors; please contact us for details! If you are a bookstore owner, please note that prepayment is ALWAYS required.

Q: Is SGDS available through distributors or wholesalers?
A: Not at present; please contact us for details if you are interested!

Q: Do you give talks about sacred geometry to schools and other groups?
A: Yes, I love to do this. Please contact us for details. I require travel (and related) expenses for trips outside my local area (Denver, Colorado metro area.) Grade school classes seem particularly receptive to talks which include hands-on polyhedra fold-up construction. Here is my calendar of upcoming presentations and exhibits.

Q: Do you do sacred geometry consulting?
A: Yes, I love to do this, too. Please contact us for details. I have done logo design for several clients on an hourly basis. My specialty is POV-Ray 3D (ray traced) imagery, line art & monochrome graphics, using Illustrator & Photoshop and many other tools.

Q: Do you accept submissions of manuscripts for publication?
A: Not at present, although we may do so in the future. I barely can keep up with my own 3 ring circus 🙂 However, there are a couple of books on self-publishing I would recommend, regardless of whether you self-publish or have someone else do it for you:
The Self-Publishing Manual by Dan Poynter
The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing by Tom and Marilyn Ross

Q: Do you accept books for review on the blog?
A: Yes, I’m always grateful (and thanks to many, many of you!) when I receive books for review. Thanks for your patience, since I almost always have a sizable backlog.

Q: Is SACRED GEOMETRY DESIGN SOURCEBOOK available in other languages?
A: A beautiful hardbound German version (Mandalas der Heiligen Geometrie) is available from Silberschnur Verlag. If you are ordering from Europe, you will probably want to order directly, if you know German (if not, this translation site might be helpful.) If you are ordering from the United States, I have a very limited supply for US$31.95 plus shipping and handling as described above (see the Ordering page). I am open to inquiries for translation into other languages. I’ve had inquiries for French, Spanish, and Greek translations and welcome conversations from foreign publishers.

sacred geometry coloring book (German): Bewusst malen - Heilige Geometrie by Bruce Rawles

UPDATE (2016): a new sacred geometry coloring book in German (Bewusst malen – Heilige Geometrie) based on Mandalas der Heiligen Geometrie with inspiring quotes from various luminaries is available from Silberschnur Verlag.

Q: Do you personalize every copy of the book you send?
A: At present, yes, unless someone explicitly does not want me to do so. When I get orders for 2 or more from an individual, I personalize the first copy only. If you want multiple copies personalized for different individuals (e.g. for gifts), please send the names you would like with your order. The printable order form has a place for this. If you don’t have access to a printer, I will happily accept hand-written orders as well.

Q: May I use textgraphics, photography, video or other media/content from the website or our other websites or books (e.g. Sacred Geometry Design SourceBook or The Geometry Code) on my website, printed material or other media?
A: Permission for non-commercial use of any graphic(s) and/or text and/or other media from this website is freely granted, provided the following acknowledgement/link appears directly adjacent to each text quote, image or media: “Text/Image/Media from; used with permission of Elysian Publishing/Intent Design Studio, which provides educational services on Sacred Geometry and interconnectedness” with a link to or a more appropriate specific page.”

Q: What happened to the intent website?
A: Since 1 May 2007, this domain is stewarded by a new owner. Their vision of a “community site based on the ideas of exchanging information on wellness, helping the planet, personal development, and other topics related to health, the environment, and personal expression” fit well with ours.