Acknowledgments (abridged) for The Geometry Code book

The Geometry Code – (book): Acknowledgments

I gratefully acknowledge the support, inspiration and uncountable kindnesses shown to me by wife (Nancy Bolton-Rawles), my family, (particularly my mother who provided extensive, excellent editorial suggestions), friends, teachers everywhere, past, present and future. This book has only a finite space to thank the tiniest abbreviated subset of those who have assisted directly and indirectly; a more extensive gratitude list is online at Here is a small part of that subset: Gary Renard for totally re-kindling my appreciation for A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and Kenneth Wapnick for further deepening that appreciation, countless students and teachers of ACIM, including (but not limited in any way to) fellow study group friends in Nevada County, California, Ashland, Medford, and the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon (such as Dan & Terry Miller, Sally & Carl McKirgan, Jonathan Joshua, “Giddyup” Mikey Lemieux, Beverly Beck, plus hundreds more in Oregon – you know who you are) and Castle Rock, Pueblo (including life-long buddy Dave Van Dyke) and Denver, Colorado and many others I’ve met at other ACIM events including two conferences in San Francisco, California.

I appreciate the authors of the Kybalion; also James Barrett and Patti Clark, Gregg Braden (and our Egypt trip companions), Floyd & Jackie Edwards and our Creative Dynamics friends, Jerry and Robin Miner, Mika Feinberg, John Graff, Jay Goldner, Grass Valley Group colleagues and other co-workers from many projects, companies and events, KVMR-FM DJs and volunteers, folks at FCAT, AndrΓ‘s Nevai, contributors and attendees of the Global Sacred Geometry Conference, New Frontiers of the Gold Country past board members, presenters, volunteers, and attendees, Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library volunteers & staff, SGDS customers, resellers, enthusiasts and clients supporting us for over a decade, the Ashland “Hedronists”, Dean and Shelly Shrock, Chris and Jodine Turner, Leonard and Sama Laskow … and the list goes on and on. Consider yourself included. I’ll spare a bit of tree-ware and abbreviate. πŸ™‚

Above and beyond the specific prior mentions of individuals, I thank all of you and everyone in my life, literally. I am realizing more and more that every single interaction, down to the most seemingly insignificant, has been an opportunity for us (not just ‘me’) to re-claim and identify with the Shared Spirit that has assumed the form of an external relationship however fleeting or lengthy. I am slowly beginning to realize that each encounter with everyone in my life has been an opportunity to respond with loving kindness to the same that you have offered me, even if I did not understand it at the time. Many of these opportunities I have squandered by reacting from my ‘victim script’, misinterpreting the calls for love that appeared on the screen of my mind as attacks. I’m learning to forgive myself for these judgments and see all appearances as expressions of the same Spirit. More and more I’m discovering that I can see our intrinsic oneness – through the learning aid of shared interests – which allows me to respond from proactive compassion (and humor!) instead of reactive irritation or grievance fixation. By forgiving the dreamer of this dream (and all the seemingly external characters in it), I uncover the truth that there is no one apart from me, my heart and Spirit, because in truth there is just One Self and we’re all It. So I acknowledge and honor that Self within you as that same identical Identity within me; the Self that transcends the partial and limiting concepts of ‘you’ and ‘me’ that reinforce a silly and meaningless sense of specialness that appears to mask the glorious and eternally ecstatic Truth of what we ARE, free of separate perspectives, limited or condemned by nothing at all.

Here’s a list of quote contributors to The Geometry Code book (just started; will complete this list soon! πŸ™‚

The Geometry Code: Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us; Friendly Reminders of Inclusion to Forgive the Dreamer of Separation by Bruce Rawles (front cover)