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Kudos for the book: The Geometry Code: Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us; Friendly Reminders of Inclusion to Forgive the Dreamer of Separation by Bruce Rawles

Here are a sample of the kind words and endorsements for The Geometry Code book:

“Bruce has done a remarkable job of sharing how – by developing trust in the Inner Guide we all have in common – we can include the symbolic contents of our unconscious mind in very familiar forms, such as geometric ones. … This work is a fun and useful addition to the list of ACIM studies books. Enjoy, and awaken.”

Gary R. Renard, best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe

“Bruce Rawles’ passionate commitment to spiritual awakening is exceptional. Using geometric symbols and metaphors, he’s laid out a symbolic map helping us develop trust in our inner Teacher to lead us out of confusion. An inspirational book with a remarkably novel approach to relinquishing fear and embracing Love.”

Nouk Sanchez, co-author of the best-selling book, Take Me to Truth

“The Geometry Code elegantly approaches the underlying assumptions of the belief in separation – the treasured wounds we won’t forgive which prevent healing – from the context of Oneness. Using ancient and modern mirrors, such as universal laws and sacred geometry, it reveals our true shared selves. I’m impressed with the depth and breadth of this book; it’s really profound. Thank you for bringing it into being.”

Leonard Laskow, MD, author of Healing With Love

“Our intent affects everything in our lives. When we choose intentions that resonate with kindness and inclusion it transforms our minds in ways more wonderful than we could possibly imagine. The Geometry Code offers helpful tools drawn from many disciplines for looking beyond special interests that isolate, blame and imprison. These ideas replace divisiveness with shared interests that heal, unify and liberate. This book draws upon symbols and laws not limited to any particular culture or background to remind us that we all belong to one community without boundaries.”

– Mallika Chopra, editor of, author of 100 Questions From My Child

“The Geometry Code is the result of many years of distilling Bruce’s three loves; Sacred Geometry, Hermetic Laws and non-dual teachings. Going beyond the ephemeral, it touches the essence of primordial silent aware wisdom found at the heart of all manifested reality, as reflected in primary symbols demonstrating the principles of interconnectedness. A courageous and comprehensive undertaking, Bravo!”

James Barrett, author of The Silent Gospel

“I try to ask for guidance in every decision I make, but I am not always clear on the answers. Bruce’s book is great because it gives us a road map, using symbols, to enable us to follow that guidance. When we listen to inner guidance, miraculous inspiration arises to meet our needs and relieves us of needless burdens of grievances, expectations and judgments. This book provides some great insights for using everyday symbols – including all the people in our life, as well as more abstract ones like geometric shapes – to return our minds to the peaceful, natural state that is our eternal inheritance.”

– Kathy Scott Perry,

“Bruce Rawles goes beyond the subject of geometry and recurring patterns by taking us back to their original source as he gently unravels the mysteries of the universe. His holistic thought process and quick humor invite us to explore the premise of a universe of form based on separation, and offers us instead a way through the maze with a perspective of total inclusivity, where nothing can be separate or excluded. A great read!”

Jonathan Joshua; author of the forthcoming book, There Must Be a Better Way

“Bruce has done a great job of combining the principles of Spirit and Consciousness and, without getting too technical, has shown how these reflect in Sacred Geometry. It is difficult when you are passionate about something not to overwhelm people with enthusiasm. He has kept it all relevant to Spirit. This is a book that deserves contemplation.”

Dave Van Dyke, Z-Axis Graphics

“I am on Law 4 (in The Geometry Code book) and thoroughly enjoying your wise perspective! Thank you for the lucid and logical illuminations incorporating the metaphysical, quantum physics, and A Course In Miracles. Warmest regards,”

– Ellen, Colorado

“Okay, it’s not really about geometry; so for any math phobes out there, relax . . . “The Geometry Code” is a fun, thoughtful, and thought provoking ride, jogging our memory amidst this illusion of duality we call our life, our world, the reality that we have become accustomed to over millennia, the grand manifestation fueled by the ego’s unconscious guilt. Rawles uses the symbolism of geometric patterns, and the ancient 7 Hermetic Laws as symbolic tools to draw back the proverbial veil of separation to reveal the Oneness that IS . . . our true, shared Nature, shared Experience. We have never been separate from this Oneness; and for those who are keen to remember, to awaken from this ego-driven dream embrace of guilt and fear, the answer is to recognize that it is a dream, and does not merit a pain-filled response from us. We recognize the futility of this strange illusion and withdraw investment from it, and identify instead with the Self that remembers Oneness and perfect peace. As Rawles so aptly says,

‘As that illusory layer of the world’s camouflage disappears, it exposes the ego’s most feared (yet insanely secretly treasured) fantasy: guilt for believing that we somehow abandoned our source. When the laughable impossibility of this crazy notion is fully brought to light, our one problem – an erroneous, yet ultimately harmless belief in separation – disappears.’

The book is infused with light-heartedness, with spot-on humour and interjected puns where you least expect them. And, at the same time, it provides a coherent way to understand the implications of the joint destination of quantum physics and the spirituality of non-dualism. For anyone who has been, or currently is a student of A Course in Miracles, or any other non-dualistic teaching; or if you are seeking a path that finally makes sense, “The Geometry Code” is a great addition to your journey and your bookshelf. My copy is already lovingly worn, with underlined text and dog-eared pages. I expect to return to it often!”

– Marianne O’Sheeran, Oregon

“In this book, Bruce explains the truth of what we really are and where we really are, in his own unique, cerebral, yet ingenious way, as well as what to do about it, which of course comes down to the application of this thing called true forgiveness. What adds to this book for me anyway, is that Bruce quotes many times from my very favorite book on earth, The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard. And knowing the author personally, he’s quite the punster, and you’ll find some of that witty type of humor in this book, helping us all to forget not to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously. Giddy up!”

Mike Lemieux, author of Dude, Where’s My Jesus Fish?

“In The Geometry Code book, devoted A Course in Miracles student and teacher Bruce Rawles brilliantly applies the Course’s unique, mind-healing forgiveness of our secret belief in separation from our source to his life-long passion for sacred geometry and the ancient, mystical hermetic laws that govern our seeming reality. Rich with insights gleaned from modern physics and peppered with Rawles quick wit, The Geometry Code uses these universal tenets as pointers to non-dualistic truth. Rather than harnessing these tools to strengthen our belief in an external world we can learn to manipulate, we can assign them the right-minded purpose of helping us undo the idea that anything in an imaginary world could in any way affect the all-inclusive, enduring peace of our true, abstract nature.

By beginning to look at our lives as a classroom in which we always have a choice to interpret our seeming experience through the eyes of the inner teacher of fear and separation or the inner teacher of loving forgiveness, we remember that nothing outside the one mind offers anything we really want. Only learning to look on our investment in the external forms that appear to upset us as well as those that appear to meet the needs of our false personal selves with the inner teacher of kind forgiveness will ultimately dissolve the blocks to our awareness of our loving wholeness. Undoing the idea that we are many, vulnerable bodies in perpetual opposition rather than one eternally loving, invulnerable mind.

Rawles does a superb job of explaining complex, mathematical and esoteric material in plain, compelling language, citing easy-to-relate-to examples from everyday life that always bring us back to the present choice for unwavering inner peace. The Geometry Code offers readers a refreshingly helpful take on the mind-healing principles of A Course in Miracles. I highly recommend it!

Susan Dugan, author of Extraordinary Ordinary Forgiveness and the ACIM website, Forays In Forgiveness

“In The Geometry Code, Bruce Rawles takes the topic of sacred geometry and geometric symbolism to a level most writers on the topic do not go, but where it is most appropriate to go. Reading The Geometry Code made me realize at which metaphysical and mind level this topic should be appreciated, with ample information on why this is so, together with pointers to aid the reader in appreciating this topic within the context pointed toward.”
Karstein Bjastad, author of The Naked Truth: Seven Keys for Experiencing Who You are. A Practical Guide

“Hello Bruce. I’ve been perusing your book, The Geometry Code. It is really insightful. Very inspiring.”
– Timothy A.

“loved your book.”
– Richard S.

“I just finished reading Bruce’s fine book. It is easy to understand and well written. He combines the teachings of the Kybalion and A Course in Miracles in a compelling and thoughtful way. He also includes his natural wit and sense of humor. A must read!”
– David Alfred Tetley

“I began reading your book The Geometry Code and I cannot put it down. Thank you. … Dear Bruce, in my personal experience your book “The Geometry Code” is not a book to simply read. There is a lot of wisdom in it expressed in a very unique way. … I will re-read it knowing it will be, like the first time, a joyful discovery and blissful experience.”
– Christopher Bello

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The Geometry Code: Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us; Friendly Reminders of Inclusion to Forgive the Dreamer of Separation by Bruce Rawles (front cover)