Use Zometool to build models from SGDS

Zometool Cat SGDS page 212 GreatRhombicosidodecahedron (partial)Zometool, with the addition of green struts, can build many of the designs – both 2 and 3 dimensional – that appear in the pages of Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook (SGDS) and other 2D and 3D models. Now, more than ever, this superlative modeling system (which is also the coolest toy in the geometric Universe, in my opinion) is a fabulous complement to Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook. The green struts allow for square root of 2 proportions relative to blue struts, which allow shapes like tetrahedra, octahedra, star tetrahedra, several more Archimedean Solids and MUCH more to be built. Amazing how adding another proportional system to the prior version seems to add many dimensions to the possibilities. (BTW, the feline model within the model is Cooper, our new kitten.)

Here are examples of some of Zometool models that appear in the pages of Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook. I’ll be adding to these as I go on, so look for announcements in the monthly bulletin about updates to this page.