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Hi all:

Here's the Sacred Geometry bulletin for January 2008:
1) New & updated! now 4 sets - Enhance your edits: Geometric Video Patterns
(Gradient Wipe Transition Images) for Final Cut Pro!

2) Global Sound Healing Conference - Woodland Hills Marriott
(Los Angleles) 26-28 Jan. 2008

3) Affiliate of the Month - Spiritual Cinema Circle
4) Book of the Month - Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
5) Links of the Month
6) Quotes of the Month
7) Image of the Month
8) Multimedia CONTEST! (continues! :-)

(I didn't quite have all of last months news ready for December, so I'm rolling it into this edition;
Happy New Year, everyone!!! :-)

1) New - Enhance your edits: Geometric Video Patterns
(Gradient Wipe Transition Images) for Final Cut Pro

I've just completed 4 new products that might interest you if you use Final Cut Pro
(or know anyone who does)... My last bulletin announced the "Pentagonal" set:
I've expanded that set, and added 3 more:
Flower of Life and Rectangulars
You probably see hundreds of video transitions every week (or every day!) depending
on how many hours of Tell-a-Vision* and movies you watch; I figure we might as well see some
patterns that reflect principles of intrinsic interconnectedness geometrically, so here goes!

These patterns are loosely grouped into 4 categories, but like everything else in life,
there's lots of overlap! There are 4 free patterns (one on each page), so even if you
don't do video editing, but know someone who does, please spread the word! I'm looking
forward to seeing some creative clips using these patterns; more to follow!

* courtesy of Steve Bhaerman :-)

2) Global Sound Healing Conference - Woodland Hills Marriott
(Los Angleles area) 26-28 Jan. 2008

I'm very enthused to report that I'll be giving a presentation at the
Global Sound Healing Conference
at the Woodland Hills Marriott (Los Angleles) 26-28 January, 2008
My presentation is entitled: Sacred Geometry and Sound Healing :
How Ancient Hermetic Laws, Quantum Physics and
Universal Symbolic Archetypes all converge in Your Optimum Wellness
It will be from 4:15-5:30PM on Sunday, 27 Jan. 2008.
There is a great lineup of long-time friends and many I've wanted to meet for ages.
I hope to see some of you there! :-)

3) Affiliate of the Month - Spiritual Cinema Circle
Spiritual Cinema Circle provides new inspirational films delivered to your door on DVD every month;
great movies that aren't available anywhere else; a great complement to Netflix; there are links
to both of these on (almost) every page of my website! These affiliate links help support my
"labor of love" work on the site and your support IS APPRECIATED! :-) Both of these services
can reduce our fossil-fool syndrome by minimizing needless driving... while affording easier access
to humor, insight and media that bridge seeming gulfs in the rapidly eroding concept called "space-time".

4) Book of the Month - Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Highly readable, amusing, poignant and engaging autobiographical vignettes that allow us to laugh at our own dramas through the author's adventures in 3 seemingly different countries that all start with "I" :-)

5) Links of the Month

Story of Stuff (with Annie Leonard) - Thanks to Tony L. & Daniel H. (both!) for directing me to this one!
Here's a very down-to-earth, humorous, sobering yet up-beat look at how we're all interconnected
in the most pragmatic of ways; insights shared brilliantly show how simple the solutions must be.
In keeping with the goal of sustainability, I am shifting my emphasis on new products to digital
(i.e. less tree-ware and dinosaur-ware a.k.a petroleum derivatives), and the four new sets of
Geometric Video Patterns are in keeping with that ideal. :-)

Marshall Lefferts site about Cosmometry - Thanks to Hearne M. for sending this link
a neat prototype and proposal to integrate a body of knowledge about cosmic geometry
(I had a great conversation via phone with him recently; he's working with the Resonance Project):

The E8 "Theory of Everything" about quarks, with elegant symmetry, animated - Thanks to Ed K.
for sharing this one, along with his comments which I'll just repeat here:
"A link to a very cool animation of Lisi's own computer animation of the E8 TOE, posted on YouTube.
The animation rotates the figure through all its permutations to produce all the known particle types
and particles."

Dee Gragg's "Swim Outside the Pool - Research Papers (Thanks to Dee for sending!)
Dee has compiled a new collection of his analyses (along the lines of the work of Gerald
Hawkins, relating basic geometries to musical intervals) including these formations:
Locust Grove, Miamisburg, Geneseo, Madisonville, and other theorems.

A neat YouTube clip showing Chladni patterns (similar to the work of Hans Jenny) on
a vibrating plate - Thanks to Michael H. for passing along.

Dr. Leonard Laskow's seminars and events - I plan to attend as many of these as I can;
all highly recommended!

For any of you who are students of A Course In Miracles (probably the most profound document
about interconnectedness I've ever encountered!) here are the 3 volumes in their entirety plus more.
I'm loading the workbook lessons daily on the screen; great reminders to not take dualistic thinking
too seriously! :-)

Thanks to Andrew Monkman for sending this globe-spanning article about the Flower of Life pattern.

6) Quotes of the Month

"The destination is at the source." - (lyrics by Michael Hedges on "Road To Return")

"Ideas are strengthened as they are shared." - Joel Garbon

"If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are."
- Zen Proverb

7) Image of the Month (with just the tiniest bit of advertising :-)
Those of you with the GeometryCode screensaver will recognize the origins of this pattern;
I wanted to create a spiral from pentagons that repeated every four turns, so the angle is 18 degrees.

Sacred Geometry Video Patterns - Pentagonals

8) Multimedia CONTEST! (continues! :-)

OK, the response has been a bit underwhelming to the contest, so I'll try again later
this year... perhaps after some of you have tried some of the Geometric Video Patterns?
Please DO send links to any media that in any conceivable way has been (even in part)
inspired by my book, website, graphics, or other work... I'll add it to the list and we can
try again for the end of THIS year! :-)

As always, please send any interesting items about sacred geometry or
related interests
(since everything is interrelated! Thanks for your interest & support! :-)

You might also enjoy Bruce's blog which has much other information not included in these bulletins.