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Hi all:

Before we dive into the rest of the bulletin, it's time for some feedback. (I much prefer bi-directional
conversations! :-) I have a two part SURVEY QUESTION this month:

What would you most like to see:
a) in these monthly bulletins?
b) on the GeometryCode website?
Feel free to email me, or skype me at BruceRawles.
THANKS in advance for your feedback!

Here's the Sacred Geometry bulletin for July 2008:

1) Events: Interviews, Seminars, Workshops, Classes
2) New Products and articles
3) Recent Introductions
4) Website(s) of Interest
5) Book(s) of Interest
6) Movie(s) of Interest
7) Music of Interest
8) Affiliate(s) of the Month
9) Quote(s) of the Month
10) Image(s) of the Month
11) Annual Multimedia Contest!
12) Request for Submissions


1) Events: Interviews, Seminars, Workshops, Classes, Exhibits

Global Arts Retreat - Nevada City, California 11-18 July, 2008
I'll be conducting Sacred Geometry Presentations (morning) and Hands-On Workshop (afternoon)
on Saturday, July 12, 2008 as part of a week long retreat on using the Arts to catalyze
collective awakening. Download the flyer here for the week-long event. For registration and details,
contact Dana Andersen.

Gary Renard 2-day Intensive Workshop - Ashland, Oregon - 16-17 August, 2008; details here!
I'll be attending a workshop with Gary Renard, author of Disappearance of the Universe and
Your Immortal Reality, engaging (and fun!) introductions to A Course In Miracles. Here's a
printable poster. His podcasts are great fun (the first part with schedule updates, and more great
content about quantum forgiveness as the session progresses.

If you are interested in sacred geometry workshops in the Medford, Oregon area by myself and/or
Richard Feather Anderson, please send me an email with what you would like to see presented,
demonstrated (hands-on), explained, etc. and prefered dates, times, venues, logistics, etc. Thanks!
I'm working with Richard to see what we can schedule for Summer & Fall of 2008. I'm always
open to doing more workshops when there's interest, so please let me know! Here's my list of
current and past events

If you happen to be in Ashland, Oregon between now and fall 2008, there's a new exhibit of 8 of my
“Martineau Solar System” series framed giclées prints now on display at Rogue Federal Credit Union,
415 Lithia Way in Ashland.

2) New products and articles

Some new products are almost ready! Thanks for your patience!

Meanwhile, here's my most recent article on the Law of Mentalism (an excerpt from the upcoming
GeometryCode book) and 2nd in a series of 8 articles for Spirit of Ma'at.


3) Recent Introductions ... (Still Fairly) New :-)

A DVD of a presentation I gave last summer in Ashland (well-received) is available online!
The Geometry Code: Symbolic Wisdom of Natural Law Within Us
Purchases of this DVD directly supports RVML (Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library),
a very worthy organization!

Digital audio download:
Sacred Geometry and Sound Healing :
How Ancient Hermetic Laws, Quantum Physics and
Universal Symbolic Archetypes all converge in Your Optimum Wellness

For those of you who weren't able to attend my presentation at the Globe Sound Healing Conference
in Woodland Hills in January (or those who would like to listen to it again any tim at your leisure!),
I've uploaded an audio transcript of my presentation. The GeometryCode logo (6 circular images
surrounding the central one is the perfect backdrop for listening to this talk as we explore the
Seven Hermetic Laws, etc.)


4) Website(s) of Interest

Thanks to Hop for sending these engaging pentagonal animations illustrating Earth-Venus
orbit and optimal travel times
(although Venus gets even hotter than Tucson, I hear! :-)


5) Book(s) of Interest

A Course in Miracles and Christianity: A Dialogue By Kenneth Wapnick, W. Norris Clarke is
a lucid and compassionate account of where ACIM and conventional Christianity diverge at the
foundational level... With each title I read from the Wapnick collection, I become more impressed
with his clarity in presenting key ideas that release us from dualistic paradigms.

6) Movie(s) of Interest

We just saw Pixar's latest amusing and highly creative Wall-E on the silver screen; great fun and
even some whimsical satire on consumer culture and it's (interconnected) impact on our environment.


7) Music of Interest

For several years, I've been enjoying the Trance Planet series (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6) which have some
lovely world music... perhaps by being the observer, we're becoming aware of our trances and can
awaken from them into happier dreams... and ultimately beyond the veils of illusion!

8) Affiliate(s) of the Month

CitizenRe is an innovative solar leasing program that offers a VERY affordable approach to
'Rethink' solar for your home: an inspiring visionary photovoltaic program that we're quite
enthused about (we've locked in our 2007 electric rate for 25 years for our home in Oregon):

* no system purchase
* no installation cost
* no maintenance fees
* no permit hassles
* no performance worries
* no rate increases

Not only is this a great way to make a positive difference environmentally, the $500-$1000
refundable security deposit (only after your site is analyzed and you approve the plans) is a
completely do-able alternative to the usual $15-30K investment that outright purchase (great
for those who can afford it!) offers. and the modular design and savvy automated daily
metering are examples of both pragmatic and visionary thinking.

9) Quote(s) of the Month

"The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook." - William James

"Those closest to us are the brightest mirrors of ourselves we can find." - Patricia Sun

"The worst mistake that you can make is to think you're alive when really you're asleep in life's
waiting room." - Guy Forsyth, in the animated movie, Waking Life


10) Image(s) of the Month
This "Dodecahedral Bubble" pattern is a permutation (of the pattern found on page 200 in SGDS


11) 2008 (now annual) multimedia CONTEST!

I've decided to make the Sacred Geometry Multimedia Contest an annual event, so you NOW have
until Dec. 31, 2008 to send me entries (inspired by Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook, or other
images or ideas on the site) to win a free GeometryCode screensaver and eBooklet!


12) Request for Submissions

If you would like to stay connected and network with kindred souls online, check out
LinkedIn. I'm enjoying connecting with both recent and long-time friends and colleagues
and discovering new friends of friends (and soon friends of friends of friends... :-)

As always, please let me know how I can support you. Please send me any interesting items about
sacred geometry or related interests (since everything is interrelated!
Thanks for your interest & support! :-)


Bruce Rawles
POB 1515, Eagle Point, Oregon 97524
co-author of The Geometry Code screensaver
author of Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook
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