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Here's the Sacred Geometry bulletin for August 2009:

NEWS FLASHES!: Our home in Eagle Point, Oregon is (still) for sale! Check out our web site about the house! :-)

Also, my Audio Program from the Sound Healing Conference in southern California last year is being offered as a
FREE GIFT this week only for anyone that purchases Dean Shrock's new book, Why Love Heals. Details here!
1) Events: Interviews, Seminars, Workshops, Classes, Exhibits
2) New Products, Articles, Tutorials
3) Recent Introductions
4) Website(s) of Interest
5) Book(s) of Interest
6) Movie(s) of Interest
7) Music of Interest
8) Affiliate(s) of the Month
9) Quote(s) of the Month
10) Image(s) of the Month
11) Annual Multimedia Contest!
12) Request for Submissions


1) Events: Interviews, Seminars, Workshops, Classes, Exhibits

This next weekend, I'm assisting with (and VERY enthused about) is an all-day seminar by Tom and Linda
, authors of Dialogue On Awakening – Communion With a Loving Brother in Ashland, Oregon
on August 29, 2009. The topic is “Forgiveness: Innocence and Guilt," and promises to be as inspiring
and insightful as their superb book is. I had the pleasure of meeting them in San Francisco at an ACIM
earlier this year where I also had the happy opportunity to hear Gary Renard, Nouk Sanchez
and Tomas Vieira
, Lyn Corona, Martha Lucia Espinoza, Earl Purdy and many other wonderful folks.

I have yet another exhibit of my art. All 12 of my "Martineau Solar System Series" giclée prints (plus a few
extras) are now on exhibit until around September, 2009 at the Peace House in Ashland, Oregon.

On Sep. 13-18, I'll again have the pleasure of assisting Dr. Leonard Laskow for a third time with a
seminar at Esalen Institute on a particularly lovely portion of the Calif. coast;
"Opening to Oneness Through Love"; highly recommended as are all his works.

I'm STILL working on the 2nd book; meanwhile if you haven't already, check out the 8-part article
series (links on my Events and Resources pages) which are moving closer and closer (thanks for your
patience!) to being fully expanded into the Geometry Code book.

If you are interested in sacred geometry workshops in the Ashland or Medford, Oregon area (or vicinity) please let me know!
Here's my list of current and past events. I'm getting closer to another local workshop soon! If you have a local,
regional (or global for that matter, as long as my expenses are covered) venue to suggest, please let me know!


2) New Products, Articles and Tutorials

The Seventh Hermetic Law (Generation or Gender) ... is the topic for my most recent article on the
Spirit of Ma'at website. I posted this in the last two bulletins, but in case you missed the series of articles,
it contains brief excerpts from my upcoming book, The Geometry Code. I've listed the articles in this series on
my Resources pages, as well as my Events page.


3) Recent Introductions ... (Even Still Fairly) New :-)

Enhance your edits: Geometric Video Patterns (Gradient Wipe Transition Images) for Final Cut Pro!


4) Website(s) of Interest

Here's a fun animation from inside a mirrored dodecahedron in hyperbolic space (or something like that :-)
Reminds me a bit of the mirrored dodecahedron that was at the Exploratorium in San Francisco years ago;
I haven't been there in a while; does anyone know if it's still there?

Thanks to Michael H. for sending this YouTube clip showing the Cymatics work of Lauterwasser, Chladni, Jenny
... and you might want to see some exquisite contemporary imagery from my local friend and colleague
Adam Reed who is developing a device call the Cymascope. More examples of how form is merely a
reflection of the vibration of consciousness.

Thanks also to Michael for this 15,000 mile wide hexagonal pattern on Saturn's polar region.

Saltwater taffy anyone? ... Thanks to James B. for directing me to a family of neat geometrical images
(Quaternion Julia Fractals)

I think I might have featured this page before, but there's a lot of neat geometrical models/art here.


5) Book(s) of Interest

I've been re-reading "Dialogue on Awakening" by Tom & Linda Carpenter (see my Events section
above) and I'm amazed at how profound the inspiration seems now with the second reading! One of
those "they must have re-written it" examples. I particularly like the emphasis on adhering to inner
choices for feelings of peace.

6) Movie(s) of Interest

The Time Traveler's Wife has some fun with the illusion of time, and Julie and Julia was a joy to watch;
my favorite drama-abatement quote (executed with flair by Meryl Streep) was (in the face of apparent
major disappointment) "Boo-hoo Now what?" :-)

7) Music of Interest

I've been doing more volunteering at the Britt Festival and enjoying some great classical music, which
complements the great pop lineup they feature every year. While listening to Pandora (out for one of
many iPhone walks out to enjoy music and exercise at the same time) I discovered some really lovely songs by
Patrick O'Hearn: "Let's Move On" and "Slow Time" from the Still Standing" album.

Also, a favorite Pandora channel these days is Liquid Mind; very serenely soothing ambient music.

8) Affiliate(s) of the Month

Our Flying Cat Travel site (in addition to having some vignettes of our adventures around the globe)
also has access to PriceLine (we appreciate your support if you're going to book travel through them
anyway) as well as useful items and resources for those that appear to be moving through the illusion of space! :-)

9) Quote(s) of the Month

“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the
kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…”


... and speaking of simplicity, how about this one (one of my faves):

"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness." - Dalai Lama

10) Image(s) of the Month - Venus And Mercury Per Martineau
This pattern is similar to hundreds of patterns found in SGDS and, like all in this series, is available in
apparel (many different sizes, styles and colors), greeting and note cards, framed and unframed prints/posters.

Venus And Mercury Per Martineau

11) 2009 (now annual) multimedia CONTEST!

I've decided to make the Sacred Geometry Multimedia Contest an annual event, so you NOW have
until Dec. 31, 2009 to send me entries (inspired by Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook, or other
images or ideas on the site) to win a free GeometryCode screensaver and eBooklet!


12) Request for Submissions

If you would like to stay connected and network with kindred souls online, check out
LinkedIn. I'm enjoying connecting with both recent and long-time friends and colleagues
and discovering new friends of friends (and soon friends of friends of friends... :-)

As always, please let me know how I can support you. Please send me any interesting items about
sacred geometry or related interests (since everything is interrelated!
Thanks for your interest & support! :-)

13) Why Love Heals by Dean Shrock, Ph.D.

Our good friend, neighbor, and colleague, Dean Shrock, is the author of a new book, "Why Love Heals",
which is an excellent companion to his first book, "Doctor's Orders, Go Fishing". In his new book,
Dean shows us the many reasons, scientific and otherwise, why love is so crucial... to everything! If you
order his book, there are some great free bonus gifts you can choose to receive. (Among them, you'll see
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as Director of Mind-Body Medicine for a physician management group
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researched a program that dramatically affected survival with
cancer. His patients lived MUCH longer than those receiving only
conventional medical treatment.

His first book, "Doctor's Orders: Go Fishing" describes this
program. His expertise led to being invited to co-author the
chapter of Mind-Body Medicine in the textbook, "Integrative
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"...The power of human love is made so understandable in these
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