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Here's the Sacred Geometry bulletin for December 2009:

Last minute (digital download!) holiday gift ideas! GeometryCode screensaver and eBooklet &
an audio program that you (or a sacred geometry enthusiast in your life) might enjoy! :-)

1) Events: Interviews, Seminars, Workshops, Classes, Exhibits
2) New Products, Articles, Tutorials
3) Recent Introductions
4) Website(s) of Interest
5) Book(s) of Interest
6) Movie(s) of Interest
7) Music of Interest
8) Affiliate(s) of the Month
9) Quote(s) of the Month
10) Image(s) of the Month
11) Annual Multimedia Contest!
12) Request for Submissions


1) Events: Interviews, Seminars, Workshops, Classes, Exhibits

Long-time sacred geometry colleague Jonathan Quintin will be giving a 1-day sacred geometry workshop titled
"Point 618 Sacred Geometry & Universal Order -A Multi-Media Presentation by New Zealand Artist & Cosmologist" from
7:00 - 9:00 p.m, Saturday, January 9, 2010 at The Ashland Railway Museum, 258 A Street, Ashland, Oregon. (Admission: $15/10)
See details at the end of this email! I'm postponing the workshop I was planning to do on the following day so that I can have
some new material ready to share; stay tuned! :-)

Gary Renard, author of Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality, both engaging (and entertaining!)
introductions to A Course In Miracles, will be here again (by popular demand!) this time with his equally inspiring
wife, Cindy, in Ashland on Saturday, July 17, 2010. Mark your calendars now, and register early for significant savings.
His podcasts with Gene Bogart are great fun (the first part with schedule updates, and more great content about
quantum forgiveness as the session progresses.

We're also working on getting Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira back in 2010 for another multi-day workshop. Their 3-day workshop
last month in Ashland, Oregon was tremendously helpful, and an excellent complement to the work of Gary Renard, and A Course In Miracles.
Here's a link if you'd like to be notified of their next workshop and related events.

BTW, if you would like to get regular updates on events and musings about A Course In Miracles and related
pure non-dualistic links, writings and other media, you might want to subscribe to the (free) ACIMblog bulletin here.
Starting in 2010, I will be moving the vast majority of information from these bulletins about ACIM-related events and
information to the ACIMblog bulletin, so please subscribe now to this free monthly bulletin if you're interested. Thanks!

The ongoing exhibit of all 12 of my "Martineau Solar System Series" giclée prints (plus a few
extras) is STILL on exhibit (and has been since July, 2009 at the Peace House in Ashland, Oregon. I'm donating
20% of all art and book sales generated there to the Peace House. I'm not sure how much longer the art will be
there, so if you'd like to support my art AND make a charitable contribution to a great cause, now's the time! :-)

On June 20-25, 2010, I'll again have the pleasure of assisting Dr. Leonard Laskow for a fourth time with a
seminar at Esalen Institute on a particularly lovely portion of the Calif. coast;
"Awakening Your Healing Heart"; highly recommended as are all his works. I'll include another reminder about
this event when it draws closer, I just wanted to provide plenty of advance notice for those who haven't experienced
one of Dr. Laskow's superb seminars, or for that matter the food, baths, scenery, community and amazingly
fun ambience of Esalen Institute.

I'm STILL working on the 2nd book; meanwhile if you haven't already, check out the 8-part article
series (links on my Events and Resources pages) which are moving closer and closer (thanks for your
patience!) to being fully expanded into the Geometry Code book. Now that we've moved to Ashland, Oregon,
and getting settled in, I'm looking forward to focusing more time on this long-overdue labor of love! :-)

If you are interested in sacred geometry workshops in the Ashland or Medford, Oregon area (or vicinity) please let me know!
Here's my list of current and past events. I'm getting closer to another local workshop soon! If you have a local,
regional (or global for that matter, as long as my expenses are covered) venue to suggest, please let me know!


2) New Products, Articles and Tutorials

Stay tuned... working on them!


3) Recent Introductions ... None as present, but stay tuned here too! :-)


4) Website(s) of Interest

A neat article on "Beyond Space Time: Fractals, Hyperspace and more"

Rachel Zuses of Portland, Oregon has a nice new site: Divine Template Creations with a quick
tour of numbers 1-9.

Here's a few images of the hexagonal formation on Saturn's north pole.

Thanks to Michael H. for the link to this interactive Fourier Series sythesizer. A great way to see
the harmonic wave relationships and their geometries

Michael Schneider, author of A Beginner's Guide to Constructing The Universe, is giving some
winter classes for those in the northern Calif. area; I've recommended his book as a great complement to
Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook.

5) Book(s) of Interest

Dan Brown's latest "The Lost Symbol" (even though I've barely started it!) is already a fun read with
references to symbolism from Freemasonry and other geometry metaphors.

6) Movie(s) of Interest

Imax 3D version of "A Christmas Carol"; beautifully done... Now I can't wait to see Johnny Depp
as the Mad Hatter in the 3D Alice in Wonderland, too!

Cold Souls - perhaps it's really just our egos that aspire to be a shriveled garbanzo bean

7) Music of Interest

Recent favorite Pandora channels are Claude Debussy and Liquid Mind.

8) Affiliate(s) of the Month - I have a growing list of books, videos, music and other items ... a generous assortment of
my favorites on my aStore along with an affiliate link with access to the entire Amazon site. Purchases
made using these links are always appreciated!

9) Quote(s) of the Month

Another connection between pure non-dual metaphysics and sacred geometry! ...
I just found a veryt succinct definition of a fractal by reading a lesson from A Course In Miracles:
"... Each contains the whole ... each contributes to the whole ..." (excerpted from the 2nd paragraph)

10) Image(s) of the Month - Jupiter and Earth Per Martineau
This pattern is similar to hundreds of patterns found in SGDS and, like all in this series, is available from zazzle in
apparel (many different sizes, styles and colors), greeting and note cards, framed and unframed prints/posters.

Jupiter and Earth Per Martineau by Bruce Rawles

Jupiter And Earth Per Martineau

Jupiter And Earth Per Martineau (apparel)
Jupiter And Earth Per Martineau (cards)
Jupiter And Earth Per Martineau (posters)

11) 2009 (now annual) multimedia CONTEST!

I've decided to make the Sacred Geometry Multimedia Contest an annual event, so you NOW have
until Dec. 31, 2009 to send me entries (inspired by Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook, or other
images or ideas on the site) to win a free GeometryCode screensaver and eBooklet!


12) Request for Submissions

If you would like to stay connected and network with kindred souls online, check out
LinkedIn. I'm enjoying connecting with both recent and long-time friends and colleagues
and discovering new friends of friends (and soon friends of friends of friends... :-)

As always, please let me know how I can support you. Please send me any interesting items about
sacred geometry or related interests (since everything is interrelated!
Thanks for your interest & support! :-)
Details about:

A Multi-Media Presentation by New Zealand Artist & Cosmologist

Take an interdimensional journey through the inner geometry of nature and
experience the profound order and sublime beauty that exists on the archetypal planes.

Jonathan’s quest as an artist is to provide various modalities that help attune human consciousness to
the harmony of universal order. He shows how the shapes, patterns and forms of sacred geometry are
harmonic keys that can help open us to states of higher consciousness.

He shows how sacred geometry can be used as a tool for self-empowerment, inner peace and
opening the mind to greater possibilities. His spinning fluorescent models are a visually dynamic
experience and a huge hit with people of all ages and backgrounds.

More info at

"The 2D and 3D geometric visualizations created by Jonathan can have a profound impact on the observer as they activate an innate recognition of the primordial space-time continuum. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this rare opportunity Jonathan brings to the world that can help awaken the human mind to its full potential and connect to the greater whole”. – Nassim Haramein, physicist, author of the award winning paper “The Schwarszchild Proton”

"People (including and especially children) are entranced when Jonathan spins his fluorescent models. It creates a spiritually enriching moment because there in your optical cortex you see how the embedding in light spinning outside - is perfectly fractal to how light spins inside to make matter..." – Dan Winter

polyhedra nests

Quintin & UV illuminated spinning polyhedra nests


Have a wonderful holiday and 2010! :-)
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