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Hi all! Here's the Sacred Geometry bulletin for July 2010:
1) Events: Interviews, Seminars, Workshops, Classes, Exhibits
2) New Products, Articles, Tutorials
3) Recent Introductions
4) Website(s) of Interest
5) Books, Movies and Music of Interest
6) Affiliate(s) of the Month
7) Image(s) of the Month
8) Annual Multimedia Contest!
9) Request for Submissions


1) Events: Interviews, Seminars, Workshops, Classes, Exhibits

Gary Renard, author of Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality, both engaging (and entertaining!)
introductions to A Course In Miracles, will be here again (by popular demand!) this time with his equally inspiring
wife, Cindy, in Ashland on Saturday, July 17, 2010. Register now; there's still time and plenty of room.
His podcasts with Gene Bogart are great fun (the first part with schedule updates, and more great content about
quantum forgiveness as the session progresses.

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The exhibit of all 12 of my "Martineau Solar System Series" giclée prints at the Peace House in Ashland, Oregon is finally over;
many thanks to Becky and the folks at Peace House for the extended hosting of my art! I'm now
looking for another local (or regional) venue (gallery, performing arts venue, cafe, bank, science museum, public business office, etc.)
to display them (since they don't look nearly as nice stored in the big cardboard box in my living room :-) Suggestions appreciated! :-)

On Sep. 12-17, 2010, Dr. Leonard Laskow will present his wonderful seminar "Opening To Oneness Through Love"
at Esalen Institute on a particularly lovely portion of the Calif. coast;
highly recommended as are all his works, as well as the food, baths, scenery, community and amazingly
fun ambience of Esalen Institute.

I'm STILL working on the 2nd book; meanwhile if you haven't already, check out the 8-part article
series (links on my Events and Resources pages) which are moving closer and closer (thanks for your
patience!) to being fully expanded into the Geometry Code book. Now that we've moved to Ashland, Oregon,
and getting settled in, I'm looking forward to focusing more time on this long-overdue labor of love! :-)

If you are interested in sacred geometry workshops in Oregon, California or the west coast, please let me know!
Here's my list of current and past events. I'm getting closer to another local workshop soon! If you have a local,
regional (or global for that matter, as long as my expenses are covered) venue to suggest, please let me know!

2) New Products, Articles and Tutorials

I'm STILL working on the 'behind the scenes' foundational architecture for a brand new website... Stay tuned!
Meanwhile, I just made a FaceBook page for (just do a search on "GeometryCodeCom".)
This new FaceBook page actually has a bit easier access to 4 main product categories (some of you probably
didn't even know I had that many! :-) ...

The Martineau Solar System Series...
Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook (probably the most familiar to readers of this bulletin) ...
The Geometry Code - Meditation Tool, ScreenSaver, and eBooklet ... and
Sacred Geometry Video Patterns (Gradient Wipe Transitions for Final Cut Pro)


3) Recent Introductions ... (Even Still Fairly) New :-)

I also introduced a new Twitter page for GeometryCode ... and there's vast unexplored 'tweet territory' to explore! :-)


4) Website(s) of Interest

Mandala Crop Formation (da Vinci butterfly Vitruvian Man) in Goes, Netherlands with some interesting commentary.

Science historian cracks "the Plato code"; I like these quotes:

"The awe and beauty we feel in nature, Plato says, shows that it is divine; discovering the scientific order of nature is getting closer to God. This could transform todayís culture wars between science and religion."

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."


5) Books, Movies and Music of Interest

One word; Invictus.
I highly recommend this film; go see it (or check it out via Netflix) if you haven't already. There are stellar performances by Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela and Matt Damon (both Oscar nominated) as Francois Pienaar. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm hardly a 'sports fan', but this movie is really about the shared, interconnected spirit that IS our true identity, ever working peacefully to remove the artificial barriers that seem to separate and divide us, whether they be race (in this case), gender, class, circumstance or anything having to do with space or time, really.


6) Affiliate(s) of the Month:; a great self-publishing resource; they have been doing a great job with my SGDS book and other products for many years.

7) Image(s) of the Month:

The GeometryCode logo; a new version imported from MegaPOV via PhotoShop into Illustrator;
more details here (links in the 3rd paragraph to individual articles.)


8) 2010 (now annual) multimedia CONTEST!

I've decided to make the Sacred Geometry Multimedia Contest an annual event, so you NOW have
until Dec. 31, 2010 to send me entries (inspired by Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook, or other
images or ideas on the site) to win a free GeometryCode screensaver and eBooklet!


9) Request for Submissions

If you would like to stay connected and network with kindred souls online, check out my pages on
Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook. I'm enjoying connecting with both recent and long-time friends and colleagues
and discovering new friends of friends (and soon friends of friends of friends... :-)

As always, please let me know how I can support you. Please send me any interesting items about
sacred geometry or related interests (since everything is interrelated!
Thanks for your interest & support! :-)

BTW, I always appreciate enthusiastic reviews on my Amazon SGDS book page, and it's a good
"win-win" way to cross-promote your work as well.
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