Golden Spirals and Golden Angles

Further fun Fibonacci forays for fascinating Phyllotaxis? 🙂 The Art of John Edmark | Talk by Paul Dancstep | Exploratorium The magic of Fibonacci numbers | Arthur Benjamin John Edmark – Math X Art Here’s a prior post featuring Edmark’s elegant geometric sculptures

Multiplication Tables on Circular String Art lead to Mandelbrot and classic curves

Thanks to Ed Kellogg for this interesting video link (Times Tables, Mandelbrot and the Heart of Mathematics by Mathologer) and his comments: “This looks like a real treasure trove to me! And not just Mathologer – looks like a lot of other mathematicians or mathematics enthusiasts have put up some great videos since the last […]

Möbius strips of light … Donald in Mathmagic Land … Golden Ratio Nautilus

From the backlog of interesting sacred geometry links I’ve been meaning to share, here are three, with thanks to colleagues who shared the links with me so I can pass along to you! 🙂 Möbius strips of light” … These mathematical structures show up everywhere from M.C. Escher drawings to electrical circuits, but almost never […]

GeometryCode bulletin – June 2015

(1) News, Events, Interviews, Workshops, Classes, Exhibits, Products, Articles, Tutorials Vibration Station Conversation: Emoto, Cymatics, Mentalism, Polarity and more… Dave Cohen (a.k.a. Davie Crockett) and I shared this conversation on 28 June 2015, on his LA Talk Radio show. We began with talking about the work of Masuru Emoto, Hans Jenny, quantum technology, mind (of […]