Golden Ratio Appears in 8D to 4D Quasicrystals, Black Holes, Consciousness Theory of Everything

Thanks to geometer colleague and dream researcher, Ed Kellogg for alerting me to this very interesting (and fun) video “What Is Reality?”  from Quantum Gravity Research (check out the lovely video loop of a slowly rotating polyhedron made of tetrahedra on their website’s home page) – in addition to meshing interconnections with our faithful  omnipresent proportion, the […]

Fractal Art, Metaforms, Hollow Earth

This update is a sort of quick potpourri of various links of interest: Fractal Art: Last weekend I met a local fractal artist (Kevin Square) at a nearby crafts festival showing prints of his creativity; here’s a page with some of his work. The image above is his work entitled “Winterwoods” Here’s a video conversation […]

Vibration Station Conversation – What makes Sacred Geometry sacred?

In this audio recording, Dave Cohen (a.k.a. Davie Crockett), and Bruce Rawles continue their ongoing conversation about the mystical underpinnings of sacred geometry. We spoke about how everything is either sacred … or profane … depending on which thought system – inclusion … or exclusion – we identify with and gave numerous examples, again referring […]

Vibration Station Conversation – Sacred Geometry, Plato and Symbolism

In this audio recording, Dave Cohen (a.k.a. Davie Crockett), and Bruce Rawles resume their ongoing conversation about the mystical underpinnings of sacred geometry. The Greek philosopher, Plato, posited that specific examples (including geometric forms as well as people, quarks, quasars, and anything else that represents, or symbolizes an essential ideal) merely serve as reminders to […]

New German Sacred Geometry Coloring Book for Adults! – Bewusst malen – Heilige Geometrie

Coloring Book for Adults … now available in a German edition! A few months ago, I wrote that a new abridged version of the German edition of my first book Mandalas Der Heiligen Geometrie (MDHG) was underway. Mandalas Der Heiligen Geometrie (MDHG) is currently out of print, but I still have a few copies of […]

Urban Rhombic Triacontahedral Meditation Space, anyone?

I had the pleasure of meeting friends Carol and Victor at Impact HUB Oakland yesterday (my first time there at this neat co-working space) and fortunately we ventured upstairs and discovered this geometric geodesic gem (a Rhombic Triacontahedron also known as Kepler’s Solid, one of many zonohedra) for midtown mathematical meditation. The exterior shape (the […]

Interesting geometric links to wrap up 2015

Hi all: Here’s a fun and interesting collection of sacred geometry links you might enjoy: The Geometric Origin of Color – Part 2 from Frank van den Bovenkamp of Triguna Media; also check out the neat fractal patterns on his video on The Binacci Fractal – Exploring the Subwave Structure of the Universe A hexagonal/cube/Flower Of […]

Martineau Solar System Calendars

Every year I update this sacred geometry calendar which has images from the Martineau Solar System. Here are details about the 12 images which are highly accurate geometric models of pairs of planetary orbits in our solar system. They were inspired by the remarkable work of John Martineau (publisher of Wooden Books), who wrote “A […]

Beading in 3D, 120-cell 3D printed models and more

I received a general question via email from a visitor to interested in beading 3-dimensional shapes. Here are the results of my explorations in the process of very quickly researching this question, and my response: Since your original question was about beading – although many of these may not have geometric aspects of interest […]

GeometryCode Bulletin – August 2015

(1) News, Events, Interviews, Workshops, Classes, Exhibits, Products, Articles, Tutorials Vibration Station Conversation – The Geometry Code Book: Chapter 1 Dave Cohen (a.k.a. Davie Crockett) and I shared this conversation about “The Question of Identity: Two Thought Systems” which is Chapter 1 from the book The Geometry Code: Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within […]