Seed of Life nanotubes, Musical symbolism, Life in a Computer-Simulated Matrix, big geometric lanterns

A few quick – and interesting! – links to share: Growing Nanotube Forests … this ubiquitous geometric archetype known to many as the “Seed of Life” makes an appearance on a microscopic scale 432octaves: Benjamin Joshua addresses quite a few topics here: art, music & a synthesis of ongoing research into the many realms of […]

Cross symbolism, coloring books for adults, vesica piscis and misc. links

I recently received this inquiry about the symbolic meaning of a cross: Hi, I love your site. I am learning so much. I don’t see any information about the symbol ‘The Cross’. Is the cross a universal symbol? A sacred symbol? It’s the symbol used in Christianity but does it have wider significance? Thank you […]

GeometryCode bulletin for January 2015

(1) News, Events, Interviews, Workshops, Classes, Exhibits, Products, Articles, Tutorials Fibonacci Garden: Mathematics in the Plant World – New DVD from Michael Schneider For the past two months I indicated that I would do a more proper review of “Fibonacci Garden: Mathematics in the Plant World“, the latest DVD from Michael S. Schneider, author of […]

GeometryCode bulletin for December 2014

(1) News, Events, Interviews, Workshops, Classes, Exhibits, Products, Articles, Tutorials Solar System Geometry Calendars for 2015 The popular Martineau Solar System Series calendar for 2015 is still available. The models depicting averaged (circular rather than elliptical) orbit relationships are astonishingly accurate … and simple! Enjoy! 🙂 You can order the 2015 Martineau-inspired Solar System calendar […]

Golden Ratio and sound – John Chowning synthesis

Being a fan of early electronic music, I recently watched a DVD documentary entitled “Ohm+: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music“, featuring pioneers like Robert Moog and others in that genre of musical experimenters. I was happy to discover that track 14 featured a synthesized composition (computer generated) with both partials (harmonics) and relative timing […]