Cross symbolism, coloring books for adults, vesica piscis and misc. links

I recently received this inquiry about the symbolic meaning of a cross:

Hi, I love your site. I am learning so much. I don’t see any information about the symbol ‘The Cross’. Is the cross a universal symbol? A sacred symbol? It’s the symbol used in Christianity but does it have wider significance?
Thank you for your time and your knowledge! Thank you, thank you,
– A., California

… and I provided this response:

Thanks for the kind words, and your question.

Yes, the cross can represent a very wide array of symbolic meanings, and its obvious geometric aspects attest to its universality beyond any specific religious or philosophical adoption, but I try to remember that symbolic systems can be simplified to just 2 thought systems:
Inclusion: whatever leads us back to thoughts of sameness, interconnectedness and ultimately Oneness
Exclusion: whatever leads us deeper into the metaphoric darkness of separate interests, differences and identification with the ephemeral, dualistic and divisive.

Therefore, seen from the former thought system of Inclusion, a cross can be a reminder that we can find the center (intersection) point where we transcend polarities, find common ground and respond with kindness … or an idol for specialness and ‘win-lose’ tug-of-war battles. It’s always our choice. 🙂

I touch on this symbolism in the chapter on the Law of Polarity in my second book, The Geometry Code: Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us; Friendly Reminders of Inclusion to Forgive the Dreamer of Separation

Book: The Geometry Code: Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us; Friendly Reminders of Inclusion to Forgive the Dreamer of Separation by Bruce Rawles

You might also enjoy listening to this related recent conversation about the Law of Polarity.

Thanks again for your inquiry and support! 🙂

I keep finding more indications that the interest in adult coloring books is continuing to rise, such as this Coloring Book Master Class promotion. In addition to the classic reference book that contains over 1300 images suitable for easy photocopying for geometric coloring book use, my German publisher recently released a beautiful hardbound book (with a very nice subset of the images in the larger book) as Bewusst malen – Heilige Geometrie which also has some great quotes on facing pages. Thanks again to fellow author and artist, Jay Goldner, for his work in bringing this second book containing my geometric artwork to Europe and the world.

Here are a few miscellaneous links about sacred geometry and related, interconnected topics that have crossed (pun intended) my path recently that you might find interesting:

The Hourglass Nebula

This is an image of MyCn18, a young planetary nebula located about 8,000 light-years away, taken with the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) aboard the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). This Hubble image reveals the true shape of MyCn18 to be an hourglass with an intricate pattern of ‘etchings’ in its walls. This picture has been composed from three separate images taken in the light of ionized nitrogen (represented by red), hydrogen (green), and doubly-ionized oxygen (blue). The results are of great interest because they shed new light on the poorly understood ejection of stellar matter which accompanies the slow death of Sun-like stars. In previous ground-based images, MyCn18 appears to be a pair of large outer rings with a smaller central one, but the fine details cannot be seen.