Fractal Art, Metaforms, Hollow Earth

"Winterwoods" by Kevin Square; fractal artThis update is a sort of quick potpourri of various links of interest:

  • Fractal Art: Last weekend I met a local fractal artist (Kevin Square) at a nearby crafts festival showing prints of his creativity; here’s a page with some of his work. The image above is his work entitled “Winterwoods”
  • Here’s a video conversation (with some familiar names – with a hint of one of the names above 🙂 – from the world of sacred geometry) about support for the idea that our planet’s geometry (spheroidal) may be hollow, and lots of other exotic info; thanks to Barbara R. for this link.
  • in case anyone noticed a ‘hiccup’ in the availability of my 2nd book (TGC: The Geometry Code:
    Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us; Friendly Reminders of Inclusion to Forgive the Dreamer of Separation) this past few days, it was offline (from it’s usual Amazon listing via CreateSpace) for about a day while I submitted a new interior, with the only substantive changes being: 1) a change of postal address (from Castle Rock, Colorado to Yachats, Oregon) and 2) replacing a redundant quote with another non-redundant one… Trivia Quiz: Who knows which quote was duplicated in the prior printings of TGC? Unless you have ordered a copy of the book in the last week or so, you’ll have the version that has one of the block quotes duplicated somewhere in the book. Contact me if you know where it is if you’re inspired (and I’ll confirm) or if you have anything that you would like to share on!
  • Last, but not least for this post, here’s a video with some nice rotating polyhedra sculptures by colleague, Gregory Hoag of I-Connect (formerly Metaforms). The image below is a metal sculpture of a small stellated dodecahedron (one of many that Hoag has available for sale).