Rotating Star Tetrahedra, Polyhedra – Animations and Ray Traced Images

Rotating Star Tetrahedra – Ray Traced Animations

These animations of rotating star tetrahedra are examples of sacred geometry in motion; the images are insipred by descriptions from Drunvalo Melchizedek of the Merkaba, the energy field which surrounds all life. The rates of rotation for the combined image are the same, just in opposite directions; according to Drunvalo, interesting properties arise from polyhedra that rotate at different rates, particularly rate ratios comprised of Fibonacci numbers.

Clockwise rotating star tetrahedron Clockwise and Counter-clockwise rotating star tetrahedra superimposed Counter-clockwise rotating star tetrahedron

Polyhedra – Platonic Solid Ray Traced Images

Here’s an image of the five Platonic solids: cube {brown}, icosahedron {green), tetrahedron {red}, dodecahedron {purple}, octahedron {blue}

Polyhedra – Platonic Solid Ray Traced Images showing dual relationships

Ray Traced Images showing dual relationships (from left to right):
Cube (Earth*) {brown} / Octahedron (Air*) {blue}
Tetrahedron (Fire*) {dual to itself; red/yellow}
Icosahedron (Water*) {green) / Dodecahedron (Ether or Spirit*) {purple}
* elemental archetype ascribed by Plato

All the animations and images on this page were created using POV-Ray 3D ray-tracing software.