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Geometric Symbolism and Egypt – audio presentation

Great Pyramid - Sphinx - Compass - Infinity

While I was visiting my Mom in California a couple months ago, I was asked to give a talk on symbolism, Egypt and other related subjects of interest to her weekly metaphysical study group. Topics included Creative Dynamics (a metaphysical study group that several of us in the room were involved in since the early 1970s), New Frontiers of the Gold Country (a group my wife and I started in northern California that was a branch of the original group in the SF Bay Area, which led to me going to Egypt in 1992 with Gregg Braden and several others in my mother’s living room, where I met Gregg for the first time and rekindled my interest in what was now called sacred geometry), the Great Pyramid (which I’d studied since the early 1970’s, inspired by books such as Secrets of the Great Pyramid by Peter Tompkins and Pyramid Power by Pat Flanagan), modern physics (my father supervised cyclotron operations there in Livermore, California and I became interested in the more mystical side of physics almost by osmosis, living in that community), placebos, synchronicities, releasing judgment, and of course, geometric symbolism. As many talks I give these days do, this one moved into the nod-dual metaphysics that has become a primary focus since 2007. I removed some of the personal material toward the end, since I wasn’t sure how much of the Q&A the participants wanted to share. Enjoy! 🙂

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If you like to color with colored pencils (or other media), make 3-D fold-up geometric art, do stained glass, quilts, geometric arts and/or crafts, or just want an extensive reference/resource of geometric archetypes, patterns and essential line art, you might enjoy a copy of my first book, Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook: Universal Dimensional Patterns.

If your leanings are more metaphysical … and perhaps whimsical 🙂 … you might enjoy my second book, The Geometry Code: Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us; Friendly Reminders of Inclusion to Forgive the Dreamer of Separation. It was originally going to have geometry and Hermetic Laws/symbolism as a primary focus, but in 2007, a reawakened interest in the spiritual masterpiece, A Course In Miracles – thanks to Gary Renard – shifted the primary emphasis to an exploration of the two thought fundamental systems we all vacillate between, and how we can gradually shift our mind’s identity to the happy one.

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