Möbius strips of light … Donald in Mathmagic Land … Golden Ratio Nautilus

From the backlog of interesting sacred geometry links I’ve been meaning to share, here are three, with thanks to colleagues who shared the links with me so I can pass along to you! 🙂

  • Möbius strips of light” … These mathematical structures show up everywhere from M.C. Escher drawings to electrical circuits, but almost never in nature. Now, a team of physicists have shown for the first time that light can be coaxed into a Möbius shape. …” Thanks to Ed Kellogg for emailing these links.
  • Disney Cartoon From 1959 Teaches Sacred Geometry: ” … Donald in Mathmagic Land is a 27-minute educational film featuring the one and only Donald Duck. Released on June 26, 1959, it soon became the most popular educational film ever released by Disney. … ” If you haven’t seen this classic, you might want to watch it – or watch again – even if just for historical reasons; it’s an good very basic introduction (or re-introduction) to the the golden ratio, pentagram proportions, Pythagorean mysticism and a gateway to a more in-depth study of sacred geometry. Thanks to Haines Ely for this link suggestion.
  • Golden Ratio Nautilus: George Hart clarifies common misconceptions about popular spiral shapes (specifically golden ratio spirals) in this interesting video where he sets the record straight … or is that curved? 🙂

Golden Ratio Nautilus