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Videos: interviews and more

Here’s a video interview about The Seven Hermetic Laws, Sacred Geometry and more with Alan Steinfeld of New Realities and Bruce Rawles now on YouTube (originally on Emerald Energies) recorded in Sedona, Arizona at the Global Sacred Geometry Conference in Feb 2004. Thanks also to Alan Gutierrez and Angélique DeWolfe for their efforts with this interview.

Here’s a video by Dan Shaw (a long time fellow geometer) of my commentary on the Planetary Geometries: Martineau Solar System Series artwork when it was at the Mobius in Ashland, Oregon during April, 2007.

Audios: interviews and more

This is an audio interview with Jake Steele of Author’s Audio about sacred geometry, the Great Pyramid and more.

Geometric Animations

Here’s an animation I did showing how the Platonic Solids nest perfectly in an infinite recursive 3:1 size scaled loop with each iteration oriented the same – the original video has MUCH better resolution… and the looping is seamless in the QuickTime viewer! There are more details on my blog.)

Local Community (Southern Oregon)
Ashland Geometers – a.k.a. Hedronists

We have a wonderful group of kindred geometers that meet somewhat regularly in Ashland, Oregon; we call ourselves by the whimsical name “Hedronists”. We previously had links to our collaborative video/dialogues presence on MySpace, LuminosityWeb, and ning.

Here’s my individual YouTube site, which has one of our Hedronists meetings in parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

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