Sacred Geometry Screen Savers: LightSOURCE screensavers and DVDs

In the autumn of 2006, I discovered the origins of the LightSOURCE screensaver that totally wowed me (and several hundred others) at the Global Sacred Geometry Conference in Sedona, Arizona in February 2004 (and ever since). LightSOURCE is a brilliant collection of animations by Mika Feinberg. I’m honored that several of the images on the LightSource CD were originally inspired by the simple line art images from my Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook (in particular pages 87, 88, 92, 94, 170, 195). Here are some static images that hint at the beauty of the full screen, smoothly morphing, exquisite animations of LightSOURCE … and an animated demo.


It turned out that Mika & I were both fans of each other’s work, so the dialogue that evolved led to the Geometry Code screensaver after numerous enthusiastic phone calls and emails. Since we completed our collaboration, both PC and Macintosh versions of LightSource have been updated to the latest higher resolution technology to provide even more dazzling imagery than the original.

Mika’s sense of color and animation virtuosity encompasses a variety of related products. Among the others, my personal favorite is his Sacred Gaiametry which features some of the most inspiring crop formations. I find that these culture-independent patterns have a way of speaking to our inner sensibilities directly, bypassing the intellect and touching a more transpersonal awareness. Adding animation offers an even greater dimension to these universal archetypes, relating to us how our nature is intrinsically interwoven.

The Sacred Gaiametry – Codes of the Cosmos, LightSource CD and DVDs with Hemi-Sync audio (which promotes synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain) are all HIGHLY recommended; all are visually soothing and energizing at the same time.

Other Screensavers by Mika Feinberg

Here are few sample images from another of Mika’s masterpieces… One really needs to see the animations to appreciate any of these; even the still images here are quite lovely at full resolution on your computer, and when animated they are incomparable!)

  • Hanta Yo (Native American Medicine Wheels and Symbols)
  • Blossoming Lotus (Mandalas and Sacred Symbols of the East)
  • Hot Ice (Kaleidoscopic Crystal Snowflakes)
  • 3D Geometric Forms and much more from LightSOURCE