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  4. Classic Sacred Geometry construction technique: Learn how to divide any line by the golden ratio … geometrically; using only a compass and straightedge!
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The first chapter of The Geometry Code book

Here’s page one (a color version of the actual gray-scale image in the book) of the free sample chapter. Your subscription confirmation email will contain a link to the pdf download; enjoy!

The Geometry Code book - Sample Chapter - Cover Page 1

Sacred Geometry Wallpaper

This image (the basis of the desktop image) is 1 of 12 inspired by John Martineau’s highly accurate geometric models of our solar system.

Venus and Mars Per Martineau

Sacred Geometry Bookmarks

This image is a colorized version of one several Pentagonal patterns from the Sacred Geometry Video Pattern Series. The bookmarks mentioned above use a tiled version of this image.

Gradient-Colorized Pentagonal Spiral from Sacred Geometry Video Patterns

Classic Sacred Geometry construction technique

This image is from the page that shows how – in 4 simple steps – to graphically divide a line by the Golden Ratio using a straightedge and compass; a classic geometric construction (with the math at the bottom only for those interested 🙂

graphically divide a line by the Golden Ratio