Annual Sacred Geometry Multimedia Contest – legacy page

Update: January 1, 2015: I’m keeping this page for historical reasons (and to not break links to the page), but as of today, I’m retiring this contest for a several reasons, (1) this page was evidently buried deep enough that not many people were finding it, and (2) accordingly, the number of submissions I was getting dwindled over the past few years, and (3) the contest prize (generously donated, in part, by Mika Feinberg of LightSource) no longer runs on some of the newer larger (and smaller) screen sizes. However, if you DO have interesting imagery, video or audio or links, etc. of interest that has been inspired by any of my interviews, books, blog posts, bulletins or anything else that appears on this site … or related to interconnectedness, sacred geometry and the like, please DO send links and your comments my way, and if appropriate, I’ll share with my readership. Many thanks to all that have participated in this contest from past years! 🙂

I know that many of you have been using images and info from my Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook for over a decade, because I get lots of interesting emails, letters, and examples of images as well as questions and ideas of projects you’re working on. Since a picture = 1 Kilo-word (or more :-), I wanna see pictures (and lots of them) inspired by my book with page number(s).

I’ve had dialogues with people from all over the world doing everything from stained glass to quilts to web graphics to architecture to tattoos to landscaping to kids toys to logos and much more. Although graphics are perhaps the easiest to relate, there’s lots of other media that I’m interested in seeing such as sculpture of all sorts as well as other 3D creations, animations, textile or mixed media, collage, acrylics, holography, and even music/sound design is fair game if it uses proportions from my bibliography. If you have a home-schooler project or other classroom exercise, or have written anything inspired by my book or websites and generally related to sacred geometry or the principle of interconnectedness, I’d love to see/hear it!

My intention is to show lots of examples of creativity that exemplifies how we’re all part of the same infinite fabric, related by principles that transcend space and time, yet are reflected in space and time. The contest is just to spur a little effort to send in your sacred-geometrically-inspired work.

PREFERENCES: In terms of submission, the easiest (1st preference) for me would be a URL linking to a page that shows off your work, in whatever media, with your comments about the work and perhaps a short bio about yourself and how your work relates to sacred geometry, and the relevant page(s) from my book. Next best would be to send me a jpg or two (please keep file size to about 1MB max) of your work, along with the same info as above in an email in text form. Least preferably you can postal mail me submissions to my postal address. All my contact info is here.

PRIZE: One GeometryCode screensaver/eBooklet (Mac or PC) download.

TIMING: Submissions required by Dec. 31, midnight Pacific Standard Time (email or postal mail received by then); I’ll announce the winner and provide a link to a page with appropriate “honorable mentions” online in January.

QUALIFICATIONS: Ever since I was a kid, I saw the contest rules on cereal boxes disqualifying employees and family. Since I don’t have any employees, that’s easy enough, and my family already has (my book and) screen saver, so they can submit entries, but won’t be eligible for the prize. Also, I reserve the right to not display any and all submissions on the website. 🙂 You must also agree to allow me to post your submission on my website(s); and/or (since I’ll be posting these on my blog as well).

Media: URL, (link to your artwork in various formats, e.g. YouTube Clip, Flash animation, etc.), jpg or png file (please limit to 1MB, with links to larger images) mp3 file (audio or music that incorporates sacred geometry harmonics/ratios, etc.) snail mail (see address here.)

So, please email me with any submissions or questions;
I’m looking forward eagerly to your responses! 🙂