Gallery: Sacred Geometry Animations

Geometry Code Meditation Tool, Screen Saver, and eBooklet - animation sample preview

The Geometry Code screensaver and meditation tool features exquisite animations by Mika Feinberg of
derived from line art illustrations from the Geometry Code book.
(Note that this slideshow above only features static images from each of the 8 major animations
to give you the smallest hint of the geometries and colors employed; the real screensaver has elegant,
smoothly ever-changing transitions of color and design that cycle through each of these 8 motifs.)

Here is a
highly compressed YouTube clip of an infinite recursive loop of nested Platonic Solids
(The original is larger, MUCH better resolution and loops seamlessly.)
Interestingly, the inner cube (reference point for the start and end of the animation loop point)
and outer cube have an exact 1:3 ratio and identical orientation on the x-y-z axes.

star tetrahedron
Clockwise and
star tetrahedra
star tetrahedron

Here are three of the first animations I created (about the time I was writing
Sacred Geometry Design SourceBook
in 1996) which show counter-rotating star tetrahedra.

Stay tuned for samples from other 2D and 3D geometric animation projects.

There are more animations by myself and others listed on my personal blog.