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Calendars of Martineau Solar System Imagery (updated for 2016 dates!)

Online Gallery – Martineau Solar System (Sacred Geometry Art)

Background Information on the Martineau Solar System – Highly Accurate Geometric Models of Planetary Orbits


The Martineau Solar System Series consists of 12 ray-traced images inspired by the remarkable work of geometer John Martineau, in ” A Little Book of Coincidence“. I think Martineau will (some day, hopefully soon!) be heralded among Kepler, Galileo, Newton and Einstein for the astronomical discoveries he’s made. I HIGHLY recommend John’s book if you haven’t seen it. In it, he details dozens of astonishingly accurate and simple geometrical models of our solar system that I imagine will become grade school classics for teaching relative spacing of planets. These simple models use circles, triangles, squares, pentagrams, hexagrams, octagrams, and a few 3D models. I had the privilege of meeting John in the summer of 2004, and learned of his Neptune/Uranus model (too new to be in his book) which uses a tetrahedron and truncated tetrahedron, respectively; the new model shown below on the right. This model is in the 99%+ accuracy range, like all the others. A number of people have asked for a page on the site showing my verifications of his ratios, so I’ll upload that soon…

If Kepler had only known how close his original concept in Mysterium Cosmographicum was for nesting polyhedra… He was on the right track! The other two new images are composites of various models and are at the bottom of this page (They feature a background tiling of Kirlian photos I took many years ago.) Click on any link, then click “Supersize” to see a full screen image on the zazzle site, or for details about the image. To see all my galleries on the zazzle site, click on the “Bruce Rawles” link, since there are many images available on zazzle not currently shown on this website. I am also exploring the idea of making a full resolution calendar with these images… stay tuned!

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Here is an article I wrote on the subject.

… and a reference to the original article,
which appeared in the journal “Symmetry: Culture and Science”, Vol 16, No. 2, 2005, (Journal of the Symmetrion, editor: Gyorgy Darvas,
Polyhedra, Part 3; postal address: Budapest, P. O. Box 994, H-1245 Hungary) on pages 193-196.

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Twelve images from the Martineau Solar System series are STILL available as a full color calendar. The “Homage to Kepler” art is also on the cover of the premium calendar. Here’s a press release about the calendar.

Here’s a YouTube clip of me talking about this series at the Mobius Gallery; thanks to Dan Shaw for videotaping. More about this event on my Events Page.

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Featured above: Venus and Mars, 1 of 12 images inspired by John Martineau’s highly accurate geometric planetary models.