Links to sacred geometry and related sites

LightSource now has both PC and Macintosh versions of their screen savers: the Gaiametry CD, LightSource CD and DVDs with Hemi-Sync audio (which promotes synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain) … all HIGHLY recommended; visually soothing and energizing at the same time. I first saw the LightSource images at the Global Sacred Geometry Conference in Sedona, Arizona in February 2004, and was dazzled then. Now that I see the Mac versions, and the even more elaborate crop circle animations in the Gaiametry CD, along with Bob Monroe’s amazing Hemi-Sync audio (I’ve used for decades for mental focus and relaxation), I’m even more impressed. I’m honored that several of the images on the LightSource CD were originally inspired by images from my Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook for example this animation derived from the Golden Ratio Spirals on page 170: (also see pages 87, 88, 92, 94, 195).
Source Books: is an excellent source of sacred geometry titles & related items.
Drunvalo Melchizedek has acquainted many about the mysteries of sacred geometry with his Flower of Life programs. Excerpts from my upcoming GeometryCode book are now on his Spirit of Ma’at ezine website including an introduction about Take Home Lessons from Modern Physics, and the Seven Hermetic Laws, including Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, and Gender (Generation.) The first article I wrote for their ezine (a prelude to my presentations at the Global Sacred Geometry Conference in 2004) was entitled Starting With Nothing and Ending Up With Everything.
Silent Gospel: my dear friend and (former) neighbor, James Barrett, has a wonderful site on the beauty and power of the compassionate heart – it’s relation to the golden ratio and much more, related to the Shroud of Turin. – dedicated to The Golden Number, a.k.a. Golden Section, Ratio or Mean, 1.618…, The Divine Proportion and The Fibonacci Series.
Michael S. Schneider – author of a marvelous book on geometry, A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe – The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science – A Voyage from 1 to 10 – I often recommend this book as a complement to my book for newcomers to the subject.
Bradford Hansen-Smith’s Wholemovement shows the genius insight of folding circles; he’s picked up where Bucky Fuller’s exploration of the vector equilibrium left off (and much more) … Check out his amazing folded circle gallery, Wholemovement blog, and videos of folded circle artistry. I had the pleasure of hearing a presentation and participating in a hands on paper plate folding demo conducted by Bradford in San Francisco at the 2012 Froebel Conference.
Nassim Haramein is doing some fascinating work with sacred geometry and modern physics; check out this lovely dual torus animation by Bob Gray.
Jain from Australia has some interesting info on Vedic Math, Magic Squares, etc.
Ibrahim Karim’s Biogeometry work is also being conducted in the USA by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert.
The School of Pythagoras
Sig Lonegren – Mid Atlantic Geomancy
Bob Dratch – Biological and Bioactive Electronic Holoforms ™
James Furia – Geomusic
Bernard Pietsch – The Philosopher’s Stone – Recovering the Perennial Paradigm
Barbara Hero – International Lambdoma Research Institute
John Boyd-Brent – The Circle and the Square and the Square Root of Two
Charles Henry’s Human Forms from spherical reflections
Divine Template Creations by Rachel Zuses

Links to mathematical sites

Eric Weisstein’s Treasure Trove of Math (now part of the Wolfram-Mathematica website as MathWorld) – a fabulous extravaganza ; the most extensive site and book I know of for math fans
David Eppstein’s Geometry Junkyard
Melinda Green’s way fun Tyler Applet and gallery … and 4D dazzling “Buddhabrot” images
Antonio Gutierrez has some beautiful, colorful Flash animated mathematical proofs
Fractal Explorer
The Geometry Center has lots of interesting info; a favorite interactive application is…
…QuasiTiler 3.0 (from The Geometry Center); try changing the “Dimension = ” parameter under “Generating Plane”)
Steven Finch’s page on The Golden Mean and book of Steven Finch’s page on The Golden Mean & Mathematical Constants and his book and a related page on phyllotaxis (the arrangement of leaves and other structures on plants, often with Fibonacci number ratios and angular proportions)
Gerald de Jong – The Geometry Of The Time Star
Richard Hawkins – Digital Archive
Fibonacci Numbers and Nature: an excellent tutorial on Fibonacci numbers with nice animations
Jim Plank – Origami Page (Modular)
Having built and lived in a 39′ diameter geodesic dome in the late 70’s, this page would not be complete without a link to the Buckminster Fuller Institute – Community Page
While updating links on this page, I didn’t find a new location for this link: (Gerald de Jong – Portfolio (geometrical wire frames from expandable/compressable members which dynamically readjust as they are stretched or compressed), but did find “Springie” (A tensegrity simulator using Java, VRML and POV Ray) and Quadrays
PYTHAGORAS of Samos{570-490BC} – The Indigenous Nativity and Philosophical Foundations of that which is deemed Classical Western Science
mathematicians: PythagorasPlatoArchimedesKeplerPoinsot
Paul Calter’s Geometry in Art & Architecture Syllabus
World of Escher
Recreational Mathematics
Roger Penrose and his famous tilings
Ralph Abrahams – Visual Math Institute

Links to sites about polyhedra and higher dimensional polytopes

Russell Towle‘s superb collection of polytope, zonohedra, and zonotile images, amazing 4D animations (3D slices of 4D objects) and POV-Ray gallery and polyhedra models
George Hart’s Pavilion of Polyhedrality
George Olshevsky (Wikipedia pages) noted for his work with uniform four-dimensional polytopes (polychora)
The Wikipedia page on polychora (4-dimensional polytopes)
Vladimir Bulatov’s polyhedra
MathWorld’s Polytopes
Mark Newbold’s polyhedra and polytopes (Java applets, stereo pairs)
Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions
James R. Buddenhagen’s Uniform Polyhedra
Jim McNeill’s Great Polyhedra and Tessellation Site
Drexel University’s Math Forum Library on Higher Dimensional Geometries
Steven Dutch’s resources on Symmetry, Crystals, and Polyhedra
some wonderful POV-Ray ray tracing polyhedra models
Pedagoguery Software has some wonderful shareware and freeware: Poly is a fabulous 3D app that rotates polyhedra in real time, and simultaneously morphs from 2d net (foldup pattern) to folded 3D shape; lots of polyhedra options
Robert Conroy – photos and cut-out patterns of polyhedra
Roman Maeder’s pages on Uniform Polyhedra
Robert Gray’s page: Icosahedra In 30-Verti showing, among other things, icosa/octa nesting relationships

Links about cereal glyphs (a.k.a. crop circles)

The Crop Circle Connector has lots of resources on the subject
The Freddy Silva’s excellent page on sacred geometry and crop circles
Nancy Talbott’s Crop Circle research site showing correlation of magnetic field anomalies even in unaffected crops
Gerald Hawkins – Crop Circles And Their Relationship To Euclidean Geometry And Diatonic Ratios
Chet And Kallista Snow host a great C.C. conference every autumn in Arizona
The Oregon Sri Yantra which allegedly appeared in the desert in 1990

Links to geometrical art, tools and resources

ZomeTools a superb (my favorite) 3D creative tool/toy system. I use mine for demos and exploration. More about Zometool here.
Fractiles are an excellent 2D magnetic toy using multiples of 1/14th of a circle. More about Fractiles here.
Astrologix is a simple, ingenious construction toy for building 3D frameworks, including DNA helixes, polyhedra, 3d stars, and spaceframes; it uses hubs and tubes in bright neon colors and glow-in-the-dark plastic.
Paul Nylander’s Math Artwork page – a must see!
Bathsheba Grossman’s lovely geometric sculptures such as the (spiral) Galaxy Crystal or Quintrino (exquisite metal sculpture with dodecahedral symmetry) or the beautiful toroidal field of our own planet in her GeoDynamo Crystal

Dan Shaw’s EarthStar planetary maps with Kepler’s Solid geometry
Sara Frucht’s Kaleidoscapes are virtual polyhedra that make amazing use of mirrors; check out this animation!
Models of Platonic and Archimedean Polyhedra made from bamboo by Robert Graham MD of
Sedona artist Aya creates magnificent airbrushed 6′ square canvas StarWheel mandalas with reprints on other media
Warren Fentress designed Magneblocks – neat creative hands-on geometric toys for ages 4 and up; I’ve got a couple sets I take to workshops
A wonderful globe animation by Jim Shroads insipred by Darold Langham’s Genesa system which connects many disciplines (the original website was by Celestial Dynamics artist, Nancy Baumgarten)
Alex Gray‘s exquisite art of interconnectedness: Chapel of Cosmic Mirrors
Jim Haggerty does some elegant geometric animations at Enigma Creations & Kaleid-O-Space
Krazydad’s Kaleidoscopes and Flash resources
Charles Gilchrist – Sacred Geometry pages
Sri Yantra mandala (featured on the Sustainable Building Sources site)
Allen Linder’s exquisite stone carvings of geometric forms
David Friedman’s dazzling and vibrant fractal art from MetaPixel Studio
A Golden Ratio Project by Steve Blacker, Jeanette Polanski, and Marc Schwach
Julio Mateo’s geometrically inspired art
The LightSource CD (with many images inspired by my book & website)
André Angermann’s sacred geometric art
Dana Lynne Andersen’s lovely visionary art
Valrie Jensen’s Orthogon art
Visions Of Energy: Impressions of The LIFE Force and Landscapes of the Inner Eye by Vandorn Hinnant – some elegant visionary art!
Mobius strip jewelry in gold, silver and copper made in southern Arizona!

Links about labyrinths

Alex Champion’s Labyrinth Site
The Labyrinth Project
Jeff Saward’s Caerdroia Labyrinth Site has a nice animation constructing a labyrinth and a great introduction to the subject
Lots of Labyrinth Links

Links to The Great Pyramid, Sphinx and other sacred sites

John Anthony West – Mysteries of the Sphinx
Richard Hoagland – The Enterprise Mission pioneering research into the face and pyramid on Mars, as well as many other fascinating topics
LadyNada – SearchNet HeadQuarters – XBN MailGate
NASA image – Inca City on Mars?
other peculiar NASA images from Mars
Christopher Dunn’s Giza Power Plant site about the Great Pyramid
Sig Lonegren – Mid-Atlantic Geomancy
Martin Gray – PLACES OF PEACE AND POWER – The Sacred Site Pilgrimage
Joseph-Mark Cohen – The Tree-Of-Life Mystery School of Kabbalistic Healing
Mark Millmore’s Ancient Egyptian Page
Sheri Nakken – Well Within Earth Mysteries and Sacred Site Tours

Links to various metaphysical and miscellaneous topics

Dean Shrock, Ph.D. – Mind Body Medicine – Taking Control of Your Health. Dean is the author of Doctor’s Orders – Go Fishing which has a wealth of great common sense ideas about the benefits of doing what you love
Tomas Qubeck – The Tao of Mentoring – Virtues of the Heart and Virtues of the Soul
The nature of consciousness is explored by Peter Russell author of The Global Brain Awakens
A discussion about the earth’s low frequency spectra: Schumann Resonance
The Four Agreements (simple, effective guidelines) by Miguel Ruiz – Toltec Wisdom
Steve McIntosh – Now & Zen – The Spiritual Art Renaissance Movement
Kent Steadman – Greek Alphabet and Ancient Devices
Dr. Paradise’s Home Page
Lightworks Audio and Video
The Universal One Foundation
William Mason – Jewelry, Gems, Crystals
Leading Edge Research
Ken Page’s site devoted to self-empowerment and the sharing of Multidimensional Cellular Healing
Spiritual Healing Art and Jewelry by Wim Roskam of the Netherlands

Links to worthwhile media, news and information

Rogue Valley Media Exchange – free media for southern Oregon
Conscious Media Network – outstanding video interviews online!
Spiritual Cinema Circle
Free Speech TV
Oasis TV
WorldLink TV

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