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Media Intro – Bruce Rawles

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You might also find Bruce’s blog informative; it has a wealth of other useful and related info.

Photos – Bruce Rawles

Bruce Rawles; photo by Nancy Bolton-Rawles

Bruce Rawles - Castle Rock

Bruce Rawles (headshot)

Bio – Bruce Rawles

Bruce Rawles has sought the rhyme and reason of life’s mysteries, both seen and unseen, from an early age. His “networker” mother continues to delve into metaphysical and esoteric realms sharing her love of “inner spaces”, and his pragmatic father, sharing his love of the outdoors, provided an opportunity to appreciate the natural world. Within this context, Bruce’s life continues to be a quest for the synthesis of “heart” and “head” approaches, the integration of alternative and mainstream paradigms; and the reconciliation of the sacred with commonplace.

Bruce worked as a hardware and software engineer for nearly 2 decades after returning to UC Davis to finish an Electrical Engineering degree, which was postponed by other episodes as an Adult Education instructor, printed circuit board designer, and TV repair technician, among others. He enjoys many facets of art, travel, wilderness photography, hiking, African drumming, esoteric astrology, astronomy, alternative energy, solar design, environmental activism, amateur radio (KB6MHL), meditation, yoga, metaphysics, parapsychology, self-sufficiency, organic gardening, nutrition, community radio, backpacking, cross-country skiing, swimming, flying, Kirlian photography, geodesics and global networking. He was cofounder of New Frontiers of the Gold Country, a branch of a nonprofit educational group. This interest in growing community around spiritual visionary thinking resulted in recent involvement with the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library.

Fueled by a love of both the mystical and the miraculous within the mundane, Bruce has studied geometry, pattern and form to uncover its deeper implications and symbolism since the early 1970’s when he read Secrets of the Great Pyramid by Peter Tompkins and This Living Earth by David Cavagnaro; references to the Golden Section in both books lead to further exploration in high school and opened up worlds of ideas about proportion, harmony and resonance. Perusing these domains took him into such diverse realms as electronic music, archetypal astrology, computer graphics, and ancient architecture. Inspired by Paul Horn’s flute music in the Taj Mahal, he created a spreadsheet (before the term existed) of resonant frequencies and harmonics of the passageways and chambers of the Great Pyramid and contacted electronic musician Paul Beaver with the idea of recording music there. Paul was taken with the idea; Bruce took a year off from his studies at UC Davis to travel to Egypt, but the trip as originally envisioned never materialized due to the political climate there in the autumn of 1973.

Nineteen years later, in 1992, after taking a workshop on Sacred Geometry by lecturer and author, Gregg Braden, Bruce fulfilled his dream and recorded sound and music in the Great Pyramid on an Egyptian tour lead by Braden. Gregg also had a catalytic effect of rekindling Bruce’s enthusiasm for Sacred Geometry, which ultimately developed into the book, Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook, which has found its way to many diverse locations around the planet since 1997. His website, contains generous excerpts of both text and imagery from the book. His tutorial page on sacred geometry has enjoyed a top google ranking for over a decade, a reflection of the labor of love the inspiration for this work represents. The site mirrors the principle of interconnectedness, and his blog, also is an expression of sharing and honoring the enormous diversity of understanding and insight that is growing daily online – the inner community reflected in an evolving awareness of the interwoven fabric of life.

More recent explorations into planetary resonances have evolved into a digital art series of giclée prints inspired by the solar system geometry discoveries of John Martineau in “A Little Book of Coincidence”; these 12 images all based on simple geometric harmonies have been exhibited in Switzerland, Austria, Arizona, California and Oregon. Johannes Kepler, who made models of the solar system based on nested Platonic Solids, would have been thrilled to know how close he was to highly accurate – in the realm of 99.9% in most cases! – planetary models based on simple geometric 2D and 3D forms). A gallery of these images is available on Bruce’s website.

Bruce’s video and software background resulted in the development of several series of geometric video patterns (gradient wipe transitions for Final Cut Pro) which were introduced in November 2007 for this growing audience of video artists/editors wanting to incorporate the aesthetic harmonies used by Renaissance artists and sculptors in a more contemporary and ubiquitous medium.

During 2007, continuing research into the connections between ancient Hermetic wisdom distilled in the Kybalion book (7 Naturals Laws) and modern quantum physics, Bruce realized that these 7 principles could easily be symbolized by 7 Universal geometric archetypes, each of which individually and collectively encode the non-dualistic perennial philosophy in a holographic matrix. These symbols were skillfully given color and animation by Mika Feinberg, author of the LightSOURCE series of screensavers, and together Mika and Bruce collaborated on a screensaver/eBooklet that features these 7 symbols called The GeometryCode, which is also the name of Bruce’s forthcoming second book.
Inspiration for this second book has been strongly infused with insights from the work of Dr. Leonard Laskow, as well as Gary Renard‘s books (Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality) which lead to an enthusiastic renewal of interest in the profound wisdom of A Course In Miracles and related books such as Take Me To Truth by Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira and more recently the prolific and inspired work of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick. The concepts of Quantum Forgiveness and using the implications of modern physics (pointing to the illusory nature of space, time and dualistic thought systems) to anchor a sustainable practice of metaphysics leading to complete unlearning of fear is now the key “why” of ongoing work, complementing the “how” and “what” mechanics of the tools provided by geometric symbols as training aids.

Bruce lives with his wife, Nancy Bolton-Rawles (and 2 amusing cats) in Yachats, Oregon. Nancy and Bruce exchanged wedding vows in a ceremony at the Hathor temple on Philae island, while in Egypt; their lives (happily) haven’t been the same since.

Press Kit – Bruce Rawles

Here is a downloadable press kit, including background information, a detailed biography, proposed interview questions, story angles, and testimonials.