Froebel Gifts special package and Wooden Books from Red Hen

Chinese Froebel Gift - Special Set

I just got word from Scott Bultman of Red Hen about a special limited supply of the Froebel Gifts just added to his website. If you are a teacher or home-schooler, this sounds like a great opportunity while his supplies last. Here’s the email I got from Scott:

I don’t usually e-mail to promote products but I recently came into a batch of Chinese-made Froebel Gifts. These are complete sets of Gift 1-10 (plus a grid tray, stringing beads, etc.) for $225, including delivery. The quality is almost as good as the sets we sell, but the boxes are not quite the same and the imprint reads “Gabe” so I can’t mix them in with my other sets. Still, the price was amazing and I’d like to pass that discount on to educators who’ll use these sets with kids. So I’ve set up a private sale here.  When the sets are gone, the online store will show them out-of-stock. It’s a get ‘em while you can deal.”

Scott has also added of many of the wonderful titles from Wooden Books (John Martineau‘s superb series) in his catalog here, such as: Simple Shelters, The Elements of Music, Ruler and Compass, Sacred Geometry, The Golden Section, Symmetry, Harmonograph, Platonic and Archimedean Solids, Sacred Number, A Little Book of Coincidence (one of my favorites), and Sun, Moon and Earth. I’ve immensely enjoyed all of the Wooden Book series gems I’ve seen and I’ve collected quite a few.

Sacred Geometry book by Miranda Lundy