Zometool Factory and Denver Art Museum project

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the Zometool factory in Longmont, Colorado.

zometool factory sign

There, my favorite (hands down!) geometric toy, er, I mean modeling system, is manufactured. Paul and Carlos gave me a tour of the amazing technology where these wonderful plastic components are made by the gazillions. The secret of the hub, rumor has it, is the trained microscopic radiolaria that already understand the necessary geometry and amazingly eat away the parts of the hub that don’t look Zome-ish. You’re not buying that idea? Oh well… maybe there’s more to it than that… 🙂

The primary purpose of the day’s festivities was to begin assembling circular ‘rosettes’ (note the white quasi-circular shapes with 6 yellow hubs in some of the photos) to be further assembled into a new art piece for the Denver Art Museum. (Stay tuned for updates on the blog page.) Here are a few photos from the fun, collaborative day with great music provided by Paul’s daughter Lizzy, and excellent Zometool assembling fuel provided by Carlos and others. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished project at the Denver Art Museum! 🙂



IMG_00276 Gold Hubs Rosette Stack