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Vibration Station Conversation – The Geometry Code Book: Chapter 2

Great Pyramid - Sphinx - Compass - InfinityDave Cohen (a.k.a. Davie Crockett) and I shared this conversation about “Take Home Lessons from Modern Physics” which is Chapter 2 from the book The Geometry Code: Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us; Friendly Reminders of Inclusion to Forgive the Dreamer of Separation on 11 October 2015, on his LA Talk Radio show.

We talked – among MANY other things – about specific topics that shook the scientific worldview several decades ago such as the Copenhagen Interpretation of the wave/particle duality, and subsequent discoveries such as quantum entanglement, and how these continue to affirm the idea that mind was no longer the ‘ghost in the machine’ after quantum physics became the superset of scientific thinking after the era of Newtonian physics that now incorporated (inclusively) both the mechanical and mental paradigms.

This interview is part of an ongoing series where we discuss one chapter (about one per month) from The Geometry Code book until we’ve gone through all 10 chapters, including the 7 Hermetic Laws from the Kybalion and related geometric symbols.

If this conversation piqued your interest, you can listen to the prior conversation about the first chapter here, and also read the first chapter of The Geometry Code: Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us; Friendly Reminders of Inclusion to Forgive the Dreamer of Separation for free by (also free) subscribing to the monthly bulletin. Enjoy!

NCCU Art Museum: “Vandorn Hinnant: Explorer of Form and the Beauty of Number”

Geometer colleague Vandorn Hinnant has a new exhibit of 3D Geometric art in North Carolina – see images below.



Here’s Vandorn’s writeup about the exhibit:

The best day for visiting the exhibition is on a Sunday: 2pm – 4pm. The parking is free. Traveling South on Fayetteville Street from Downtown Durham at the intersection of Durham expressway 147 and Fayettville Street you will come to an intersection with Lawson Street. Go through this intersection to the 1st left turn into campus. There will be a Guard Booth (a small brick kiosk) as you enter this small side street. You can park anywhere in this area and the adjoining two parking lots. The NCCU Art Museum will be in the same building that houses the Edward Riddick Music Building which is connected to the Fine Arts Building. These buildings are on the perimeter of the above referenced parking lots.

North Carolina Central University
NCCU Art Museum
580 East Lawson Street
Durham NC 27707
919-530-6211 Art Museum

Please join us for an exhibition opening reception at the NCCU Art Museum on Sunday, 13 September 2015 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm “VANDORN HINNANT: Explorer of Form and the Beauty of Number” an exhibition of forty works of art created between 1980 and 2015

What we experience as visual art can be viewed as the result of individual responses to a myriad of experiences; psychological / emotional / physical and metaphysical. Some art can be viewed as statements about responses to, and expressions of Soul’s human conditions. This inclination to visually record or to document an experience is, in part, an answer to the question: “What is the driving force behind the need we have to share and to communicate our experiences with others?” The artist’s creative response is a need to and/or willingness to leave behind some form of a record of their experiences.

New format for monthly bulletins

To provide me with more time to generate and gather material for new posts, I’m automating the monthly bulletins, starting November 1, 2015. You will still get the same content, but the format will be slightly different, with a compilation of all posts made during the past month. This will provide an additional benefit of automatically delivering a bulletin each month more consistently, regardless of how crazy my schedule happens to be – which was definitely the case last monthy – thanks for your patience! 🙂 BTW, if there’s enough interest for a WEEKLY bulletin digest (in addition to this monthly digest and the newer daily digest, let me know and I’ll add that third option.

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If you like to color with colored pencils (or other media), make 3-D fold-up geometric art, do stained glass, quilts, geometric arts and/or crafts, or just want an extensive reference/resource of geometric archetypes, patterns and essential line art, you might enjoy a copy of my first book, Sacred Geometry Design Sourcebook: Universal Dimensional Patterns.

If your leanings are more metaphysical … and perhaps whimsical 🙂 … you might enjoy my second book, The Geometry Code: Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us; Friendly Reminders of Inclusion to Forgive the Dreamer of Separation. It was originally going to have geometry and Hermetic Laws/symbolism as a primary focus, but in 2007, a reawakened interest in the spiritual masterpiece, A Course In Miracles – thanks to Gary Renard – shifted the primary emphasis to an exploration of the two thought fundamental systems we all vacillate between, and how we can gradually shift our mind’s identity to the happy one.

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