Seed of Life nanotubes, Musical symbolism, Life in a Computer-Simulated Matrix, big geometric lanterns

Seed Of Life - Nanotubes

A few quick – and interesting! – links to share:

  • Growing Nanotube Forests … this ubiquitous geometric archetype known to many as the “Seed of Life” makes an appearance on a microscopic scale
  • 432octaves: Benjamin Joshua addresses quite a few topics here: art, music & a synthesis of ongoing research into the many realms of Music & Music Theory, Sacred Geometry, Golden Proportion, Mathematics, Frequency & Vibration, The Harmony Of The Spheres, Cymatics, 432Hz Family, The Sumerian Cyclical Tuning System, Outer Space, Astronomy, Etymology, Pharmacology, Symbolism, Alchemy, Sound Healing, Geodetics, Metallurgy, Agriculture, Architecture, World Religions, Technology, Ethnomusicology, Megalithic Sites, Meditation, Magnetism, Ancient Cultures, Pendulums, Guitar
  • Ma Sonic? Joe Dubs has a neat graphic on his FaceBook page on “Decoding the Musical Symbolism”
  • I’ve probably mentioned this one before, but the implications bear re-examination … What if our life here is virtual reality? Life in a Computer-Simulated Matrix
  • In case you missed them: GeometryCode Favorites – Favorite sacred-geometry and interconnectedness-related Movies, Books, Music, Software, and much more…
  • Thanks to fellow geometers Asha Deliverance (of Pacific Domes) and for the photos of these big geometric lanterns by Hybycozo – a Dodecahedron (Platonic Solid) and Small Rhombicosidodecahedron (Archimedean Solid), respectively – photographed in San Francisco, and these related links (thanks to Ed Kellogg): Temporary Sculptures Light Up Hayes Valley and Illuminate SF – Trillian+DODI
big metal lantern - dodecahedron - photo by Asha Deliverance

big metal lantern (dodecahedron) – photo by Asha Deliverance

big metal lantern (Small Rhombicosidodecahedron) - photo by Asha Deliverance

big metal lantern (Small Rhombicosidodecahedron) – photo by Asha Deliverance